15 Women Shared Safety Tips That Once Saved Their Lives, and We Want You to Hear Them Out

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2 years ago

As sad as it may be, we have to accept that the world isn’t always a safe place, especially for women. And being aware of that can help all of us be prepared in case we end up in a potentially dangerous situation. Some women had to learn first-hand how to react in these cases, and they’ve decided to share their experience in hopes that it will help others in the future.

We at Bright Side hope, as well, that you’ll never have to face anything that could harm you. But if you do, you can be better prepared and know how to handle it.


I pretend to call my “boyfriend” or pretend to take their call and have an argument. Really aggressive and mean. Every time I’ve done this whoever has been approaching me or bothering usually sees that I’m aggressive and willing to fight and backs away. © mnvallette / Reddit


Always order 2 meals and use a male name if you live alone. Ordering one meal is a tip off that you are a woman home alone and could put your safety at risk. Saturday night, after dark, I ordered from a meal delivery service. I provided instructions on how to find my apartment and asked for the meal to be left on my doorstep.

I heard the knock at my door, went to the window, gave the delivery guy a thumb’s up, and watched him head down the stairs. When I opened the door the delivery guy was waiting for me a few steps down from my porch, he really startled me.

He explained he likes to wait and make sure the food is collected. Then he started berating me because he was irritated with my instructions on how to find my apartment. I engaged with him for about a minute and then brought my food inside. In hindsight, I feel a mix of furious and foolish. How dare that delivery man wait for me, startle me, and then scold me! © MardiMcLeod / Reddit


I’m waiting for my Uber on a busy city street. The driver already got lost once so I was actively tracking him so I could flag him down (worth noting that I always try to stay off my phone when waiting for an Uber, but forgot about this safety tip today). As I’m standing there, a similar car pulls up and says “Uber?” I thought to myself this is strange because the app says the car is still a block away.

I ask the guy, “Name?” And he answers, “Uber.” Mind you this is a very busy area so it’s kinda hard to hear and he was acting impatient. I look at him and get a strange feeling so I decide to check the backplate and it didn’t match. I walk up to the sidewalk again and said a firm “NO” while staring at him and he sped away. My Uber driver pulled up a few seconds later. I didn’t realize the gravity of the situation until a few hours later. © SunOceanLeaves / Reddit


If a guy on the bus brushes against you every time the bus sways, loudly tell him to stop touching you. Don’t ask. This serves 2 purposes. It puts him on notice that you’re not intimidated by him (even if you are) and he’s looking for a victim. Second, people will notice if he follows you off the bus, his anonymity is gone.

This goes for any situation where another person is making you uncomfortable. Loudly and clearly tell them not to touch, stare, talk, etc. It’s not your problem if they’re embarrassed. Don’t apologize, don’t ask. Don’t make a single thing they do look consensual because you don’t want to make a scene. © BanditSixActual / Reddit


I just did my first mini “solo” trip over the 4th of July weekend. I put solo in quotations because I brought my 70-lb German Shepherd mix. It was a full 4 days of outdoor activities, and I had never hiked alone before. I look back on it and feel a little dumb because I went to this super remote location for a hike that was about 1.5 hours outside of where I was camping and didn’t tell anyone at home where I was.

That’s my biggest lesson learned from my trip — don’t feel corny keeping your location documented with loved ones. There are far too many stories about solo hikers with a ton of experience going missing. © imtallerthanyou / Reddit


I really want to share what happened a few days ago, because I am so in awe of my own reaction. The place I am living in is very quiet, the surrounding area is large and partly industrial, partly surrounded by nature. Last Friday some uni students (my age) threw a huge rave party maybe 100 meters from my place. I decided to just go and have a look — because I was curious. I didn’t want to mingle, just wanted to see what was going on and return to my place.

When I entered the space of the party, one guy approached me, asking whether I was alone. I just automatically said, “No, I’m not alone.” “Whoa OK. Are you sure?” I go: “Yes, I am sure” Him: “OK. Hey, I’m just going to follow you now.” I took a long, hard look in his eyes and said: “No, you’re not.” He says: “Yeah I am.” and nods with a smile. I go: “No, you’re not.” I don’t break eye contact at any point.

My body is facing him fully frontally — and I don’t have the urge to turn away. I just look at him calmly. Silence. Then he goes: “Why not?” I say: “You have no reason to follow me.” We just look each other in the eyes for a couple of seconds. Then he raises his arms in a surrendering manner, smiles at me, and retreats. I just turn my back to them and walk back to my place. © howcannamingbesohard / Reddit


Buy a large pair of men’s work boots, preferably second hand from a thrift store, get a bit of dirt on them, leave them on your porch or just inside the door where any delivery driver will see them when you open the door. © irishtrashpanda / Reddit


Always keep your car keys next to your bed at night and if you hear or see anything crazy, push the panic button on your key. It should make your car alarm go off and dispel any would-be intruders from entering. Also, wasp spray shoots a straight line of eye hurt 15 to 20 feet. You don’t want anyone getting close enough for a taser or to hit yourself in a cloud of pepper spray. © Bacore / Reddit


I’m a 25-year-old woman, living in a high crime area. Here are 3 tips I learned to keep myself safe from harm.

1.) When getting an Uber/Lyft, give the driver a password. When you think you have your ride, stand a safe distance from the car and ask them for the password. This can prevent you from accidentally getting into a scam vehicle.

2.) If you feel like you’re being followed, and don’t think you’ll make it to a safe haven in time, start a live Facebook or YouTube video. Creeps are less likely to attack if they know they’re on camera.

3.) If you feel like a creep is staring at you just a little too intensely, pick your nose, or let out a MASSIVE belch. People tend to recoil in repulsion/disgust in response to this. When the creep reflexively looks away, you have a moment to bail. I often make use of this little trick. © Adeisha / Reddit


I am 5’1″ and 103 pounds. You know, petite and small, easy to grab. My dad told me when I was 18, when I was about to be traveling through an airport by myself for the first time, to always appear sure of myself and be aware of my surroundings. Almost 10 years later, this advice has never done me wrong. I walk with my head held high and speed walk.

Even if I think I might be lost or don’t know exactly where I am going or what to do, I don’t make eye contact. I don’t acknowledge in any way when a man is obviously interested in me. Be that cat-calling or just staring at me. I will be as “rude” as I need to be in order to keep myself safe. When I’m alone, all of my senses are tingling, and I’m always prepared for anything. Even if I need to ask for a man’s help for something, I act more confident than I’ve ever been. © p*swife / Reddit


My daughter wears her headphones with no music so she can ignore any guy who says anything to her on the street by pretending she can’t hear them, but also being able to hear anyone behind her. Another thing is, when walking around at night or waiting for a lift, she will call someone and stay on the phone with them until she’s not alone. © OraDr8 / Reddit


Acting hella sick is also a good way to get a creep to leave you alone (in the scoping-out-potential-victims phase only, that is). Like just start having a sneezing/coughing fit, and don’t be afraid to look gross. Actually, make sure to look gross. © stellamarisetal / Reddit


Look for cans behind your tire when walking up to your car. Hiding one back there is a good way to get you to step out of your car while it’s unlocked and running because the sound is alarming and people get out to check their tires. I’ve read about this tactic being used to steal cars and/or kidnap people. © Ryansb*tcha**wife / Reddit


An old trick for taking a ride from someone you don’t know well: keep something made of paper in one hand (a map, a brochure, a bunch of napkins, whatever) and a lighter in your pocket. If they start taking you somewhere you don’t want to go, light the paper on fire and throw it in the back seat. They’ll have to stop to deal with the fire, and you can make a break for it. © ValiantArp / Reddit


Was once walking in a new city for the first time and a stranger asked me for directions. As I was about to inform him I was not familiar with the area, my aunt interrupted me — giving him the directions. After he walked away I asked her how she knew where that was, as it was her first time in the city too. She said she didn’t — she made it up. Never admit that you don’t know where you are. © wheresmybananastaken / Reddit

Has anything similar ever happened to you? How did you react? What women’s safety tips do you have?

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Oh, but the world is getting SO BETTER! If the world was getting better, articles like this would not need to be published. I tell you one thing though, advice like this just makes me want to stay away from people even more if they're getting this f**king schizoid about everyone else.


I want to share a tip too
Once I (15 years old) was walking with my cousin( 9 years old) in the market. I saw 2 men staring at us, i was worried, then I waved and said "coming" by looking ahead and walked away from them. There was no one at whom I waved but I pretend to so they will think I'm not alone.


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