21 Stories About Superheroes That Don’t Wear Capes

3 years ago

In the modern world where many people only rely on themselves, simple things like caring about someone or helping them might seem like something outstanding. And it actually feels really nice to support someone you know or do something small for a complete stranger.

We at Bright Side are sure that our readers have enough kindness to go around and share with anyone. So, here is a compilation of stories that show there are still people out there who care about others.

  • My relatives and friends often do nice things for me. We went on vacation recently and my cool neighbor took care of my cats, flowers, and made a nice dinner when we got back. Now, it’s her turn to go on vacation. © Mila Polyakova / Facebook

  • I saw this in a supermarket: an old lady had a carton of milk, a loaf of bread, and some cookies. She didn’t have enough money. She was all shocked and didn’t know what not to buy. And then, a girl in line just told the cashier that she would pay for the old woman. The woman was in tears and thanked the girl. She wanted to give her the money she had, but the girl wouldn’t take it. © Maroo / AdMe

  • In May, I was away and it was freezing at night so I was worried about my plants. When I came back home, I saw that the plants were covered with some cloth to keep them warm. My neighbor did that. I even teared up — it was so kind of him. © Vida Vegienė / Facebook

  • This is probably the most moving thing I’ve ever heard. My friend and her boyfriend have been together for 7 years. They’ve been dating since high school. We went to their place one day and sat down to watch TV after walking around for the whole day. We (the guests) sat on the couch and the couple sat on the floor. And then, he just started massaging her feet, like every single toe. She didn’t even ask. It was so cute and natural. © “Podslushano” / Vk

  • Last winter, I saw a girl that fell down and couldn’t get up. She’d probably twisted her ankle. Her things (bag, purse, cash, phone, earbuds) were all around her. 5 people rushed to help her, examine her, collect her stuff, and call for help. Then, they carried her home. And I carried her stuff. © Eldana Bakirova / Facebook

  • In 1982, I was young and alone. I didn’t have a job and I had almost no money. I stopped a car to try to catch a ride to the nearest town. There was a man in the car that asked me what had happened. He told me to go to the big town nearby with a factory and to find a job there. He took me from the suburbs to the town where I met the HR person from the factory he talked about, and I got a job there. I still remember this man and thank him in my mind! © Irina Zhilina / Facebook

  • My maternity leave is over and now I am back to work. My husband is with the kids, and he’s on vacation. Now I know how great it is: you come home, the kids have already played, eaten, and all you need to do is eat a tasty dinner. The apartment is clean. And then you go to the computer, drink coffee, and play games, and your husband says, “Kids, your mom is tired, let her rest.” © Elemmire / Pikabu

  • My neighbor (a very old man, by the way) has a habit of walking around the street with a flashlight late at night. If he sees that someone forgot to lock a car, left their door open, or their light in the garage is on, he always rings their doorbell and tells them. He does this just because he wants to. And he’s definitely prevented a lot of trouble for everyone. © Olga Sumelong-Rataeva / Facebook

  • I stopped by a jewelry store. I saw a 60-year-old man buying earrings. He was asking the assistant which ones were better because the next day was his daughter’s birthday. I told him that the second pair looked nicer and he said they were for his older daughter because her husband never buys stuff for her.
    In every single wrinkle on his face, I could see the tenderness he felt for his daughter, all the love. This father’s hands were once holding hers (his baby’s hands), then she was a fiancée, a mother, a wife... but still will always be his daughter. It was so beautiful! © Podslushano / Ideer

  • Pigeons on my balcony made a nest and laid eggs. 2 little pigeons were born. The older they got, the more their parents were away. One day, there was a big thunderstorm and the birds were alone in the nest without their parents. So my daughter took an umbrella and stood there until the rain stopped. © Silverchiffa / AdMe

  • My friend and I were coming back home late at night and some guys in a car wanted to give us a lift. At first, everything was okay, but then one of them got out and started dragging my friend into their car. I was asking him to stop, but he wouldn’t. A car that was driving by stopped and a man got out. He asked me if we needed help and we obviously did. He went up to the guy that was holding my friend, said something to him, and he let her go. The man then drove us home while we were crying, and he was trying to calm us down. © Tatyana Glushenko / AdMe

  • One time, I was at a gas station and locked my keys in my car. It was really cold and I only had a T-shirt on. The gas station was only a little booth, so I couldn’t hide inside. Some random guy came up to me and asked if I need help, I said yeah and that my grandma was coming, but not for another hour, so he gave me his sweatshirt so I wouldn’t be cold. It became one of my favorite sweatshirts, reminding me of this random act of kindness. © jogndq / Reddit

  • On a hot day in May, I was on a bus full of people. The windows were closed. I was standing next to a young man and we were looking at each other. Then, I noticed the music in my earbuds go quiet, and then I realized I didn’t hear the bus engine anymore. I looked at the guy and the last thing I saw was the terror on his face, because darkness was surrounding him. I don’t remember the next moment (I fainted) but the guy caught my falling body. He put me on the seat, someone gave me a bottle of water, someone started waving at me so I could breathe better. And 2 people called a taxi for me. All the people were so kind. © Alivedika / Pikabu

  • My cousin and I were talking about our memories. She told me about a year when their family had financial trouble and her husband got ill, so he needed to rest. They took the last bit of money they had and went to the sea. On their way back, they stopped by my mother’s place. So, my mom gave them some money and asked them not to tell her husband. But the funniest thing happened afterward. A few days later, my mom’s husband gave some money to my cousin and asked her not to tell my mom! © Kronblok / Pikabu

  • Several times a week, I go to yoga class. I have to wake up at 5 a.m. (the class starts at 6:30) and my husband usually gets up much later — at around 9 a.m. So, today, I woke up to my husband’s alarm ringing. I asked him why he was getting up that early and he said, “Get ready, I’ll take you to yoga class.” It was such an important indicator of care because I know how hard it is for him to get up early. This showed me that he would do anything he can for me. I love him. © “Podslushano” / Vk

  • I live in a dormitory. We have 9 stoves, but only 2 actually work. In the morning, the good ones were busy and I placed my food on a non-working one. When I came back, I saw that someone had put my food on a working one. It was so nice! © “Podslushano” / Vk

Are there people in your life who you are thankful to for their love and support? Tell us about them — millions of people will know about these heroes!


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the story with daughter and pigeon is the best, what a good girl! :)


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