12 Horrifying True Stories That Made People Tremble in Fear

3 months ago

The internet is a place where people can share strange experiences that they can’t forget. These stories might seem like fiction, but they’re real-life tales. Today, we invite you to explore these intriguing events that relate to the mysteries of everyday life. We promise you’ll uncover a fascinating realm where reality meets the unknown.

  • When I was just a baby, my mother put me to bed and headed off to bed herself.
    Dad was already asleep, and just as my mom was drifting off, she heard, «Don’t worry, sweetheart, mommy’s here.» My mom froze in fear and then rushed to the nursery...to find me fast asleep and totally alone.
    Turns out the neighbor had just had a baby too, and our and their baby monitors were picking up each other’s signals. They actually picked up all kinds of things over time. Used to hear the truckers radioing to each other from the highway like a mile away. © MaliseFairewind / Reddit
  • I accidentally locked myself out of my house on my birthday during a tornado while trying to bring my cats to the basement for safety. I later found out that the tornado was approximately a couple of miles or less from me at that exact time. The sky was green, and it got weirdly calm, and then I could hear what sounded like a train coming before I found an unlocked window to climb through. © SilverGnarwhal / Reddit
  • My parents have this 1950s-looking oven. It has a real heavy door that swings down. No way it could just open by itself.
    Well, I was sitting at the table one day when the oven door SLAMS open, and shuts itself. I never panicked so fast. That door had to weigh upwards of 10 pounds. Not to mention it needed a good pull to open. © ASithLordWannabe / Reddit
  • Many years ago, when I was around 14, I experienced my first night alone in the house while my parents were out. I was lying on the living room floor reading, with my cat sleeping next to me. Suddenly, the cat woke up, stared intently into the dark corner of the room behind me, its hair standing on end, growled, and then bolted out of the room and upstairs. I looked behind me and saw nothing, but I followed the cat upstairs and hid under the covers. It freaked me out. © LairdofWingHaven / Reddit
  • I just moved in, and I was being followed by some small padding sounds. I am blind, so it’s not uncommon for me to get startled. Anyway, I just went about my business, but I kept being followed around by this sound.
    Eventually, after I was royally freaked out, the stalker decided to announce himself. Turns out, it was my new neighbor’s dog trying to welcome me to the neighborhood, clearly. He’s my best friend now. © Lotusbrush / Reddit
  • Once, I was browsing on my laptop and suddenly felt dizzy. So, I just laid down on my bed and fell asleep instantly. Later, I woke up in another room. It may be sleepwalking, but I have never had any similar experience before or after this incident. © Mariya_x** / Reddit
  • When she was little, less than a year old, my daughter’s toys would come on by themselves. I’ve always blamed it on faulty batteries because that’s what keeps me from freaking out. © listen_to_coheed / Reddit
  • When I was a kid, I dreamt that a small pine tree twirled around my room. When I woke up, I saw pine needles all over the floor. © Just-Examination-136 / Reddit
  • I’m from a tiny town where everyone knows each other, and my home was quite out of the way.
    One day I was home alone, sick, and some dude I’d never seen before just walked into my house, apologized, and left. No one ever really locked their homes there. It weirded me out for years, and I never told my parents. © herpeszooster / Reddit
  • My spouse and I have had a few unexplained occurrences in our new home. Enough of them that I checked our CO detectors. They work.
    Probably the creepiest one was when we were both in different parts of the house. I was in the front room with our puppy, and my spouse was in the bedroom across the house. I heard my spouse calling for the puppy very clearly, but the puppy was sleeping and thought it was odd. I went into the bedroom to ask why they were calling for her, and they insisted they heard ME calling for the puppy in the exact same way. © tulips-and-chimneys / Reddit

When there is paranormal events happening, especially in an old house it's because you've been disrespectful to the house. First thing you should do when you move into a new/old house is to say out loud that you are very grateful to be there and for sharing their beautiful home with you. They were there before you came and will be here long after you leave and that they are welcome to stay. You only have 1 request (obviously if you need more add it but don't ask for the impossible, for them to leave people etc) that they are quiet at night as you really need to sleep at that time.

Another thing I ask for is that I'm terrible at losing items and that I'd really appreciate help with finding the items. 9 times out of 10 the item appears on my bedside table within a short while. The other 1 I've lost outside of the house and of course they are unable to help with that. They are usually playful and move things around but they can also be helpful. I asked one time for help getting my 5 year old daughter to sleep and I had to be up early for work. She was asleep in 20 minutes and told me the next morning that an old lady sat on her bed with her and sang until she fell asleep. Just be respectful .

  • My sister and I were home alone when we heard someone big running up the stairs. The stairs make lots of noise with slight pressure, so when there’s someone big on them, you can tell.
    I went out of my room to check but saw no one anywhere and my sister also came out of her room and she asked if that was me. I said no, and we both looked around to see if there was anyone, but found no one in the whole house. We were confused and called our parents and just waited until they got back, and that was that. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • I bought an electric bike a few days ago. I had the battery plugged into the charger in my room. I left my house for a few hours, and when I got back, it was unplugged and in a completely different spot. I still don’t know how to explain this. © Throwaway17810 / Reddit

One of the scariest situations is when our young kids talk about memories from past lives. Whether we think it’s possible or not, the gut-wrenching stories in this article will definitely give you chills.


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