12 People Who Felt Disgusted in the Most Eerie Way

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Disgust is one of those feelings that we truly hate. However, there are times when we cannot avoid experiencing or witnessing some truly gross situations. The people in this article have gone through some deeply disgusting moments, and they can’t seem to shake off that strong sense of revulsion whenever they think back on it.

  • My brother’s girlfriend came to meet us for the first time. She was gorgeous, but after a while, we noticed a foul smell coming from her. We stayed silent and didn’t say a word, but the smell got worse. After she left, I went to the guest bathroom and was petrified to find, hidden in the trash, meters and meters of toilet paper soaked in what looked like beef stew.
    I was confused and asked my brother about it. He turned pale and explained to me that they had beef stew at a restaurant earlier that day before visiting us, but he didn’t have any further idea how or why it got into her purse.
  • I once took a nice, healthy bite of blueberry coffee cake. It turned out to be regular coffee cake covered in mold. I couldn’t get the smell and taste out of my sinuses for hours. © Youre_ARealJ*** / Reddit
  • I saw two people sitting directly across from each other on a train. One person was asleep. The person sneezed, and snot/phlegm landed on the sleeping passenger. When that person woke up, they mistook it for food and sucked it off their shirt. © bornadecadetoolate / Reddit
  • It was dark, I was hungry and sleepy, so I shoved a piece of bread in my mouth, so I could go back to sleep. It didn’t taste different. The next morning, I opened the pack, and all the pieces were fully molded. Surprisingly, nothing happened; my stomach didn’t hurt. © HedgehogLuna / Reddit
  • I was in a restaurant with my mom while waiting for her car to be repaired nearby. We ordered a coffee and sat down. While we were sitting there, a strange boy was staring at us from the corner of the room as he ate his burger. He spat out the mushed-up burger, poured some salt on it, and started eating the mush with his hands. I started gagging and retching and had to leave immediately. © FordstopS / Reddit
  • While working at Florida’s great theme parks, I witnessed a couple cleaning their baby in the drinking fountain, which are typically located right outside of the restrooms. I immediately called the custodians, and to this day, I refuse to drink from any drinking fountain. © So_I_Wont_Get_Fined_ / Reddit
  • My mom got me this truffle Easter bunny. It was only about a month after I got it. The outside shell was perfectly fine, so when I sat down and took a bite, I was immediately hit with this extremely weird, almost sour fruit flavor, and I thought, “Something’s not right.” I peeled the outer shell off, and to my horror, it was completely covered in a white/yellow fungus. © bumblebubee / Reddit
  • I saw a guy in a Walmart men’s bathroom eating a rotisserie chicken off the baby changing station. We made eye contact, exchanged weird expressions, and I just decided to leave.
    I thought about that for many days, and I felt sick every time. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • A couple of weeks ago, I was happily munching on some raspberries while watching a movie in a darkened room, and something tasted off. So, I turned on the light, and to my horror, I discovered I was eating maggots. © brickbaterang / Reddit
  • My grandma had this huge plant in her backyard, and we used to cut aloe to extract the gel. It was a hot day, and I was sweating. I didn’t have a better idea than using my hand to swipe the sweat off my face, and suddenly, a bitter taste invaded my mouth. I didn’t even touch my lips, and that taste spread through my mouth.
    I washed my teeth... Nothing... Mouthwash... Nothing... drank water, soda... Nothing... I even ate like 250gm of sugar and nothing! That flavor is still the grossest thing I’ve ever tasted, and that was like 25 years ago. © DemostenesWiggin/ Reddit
  • I got a box of raisins out of the cupboard when I was a kid and grabbed a few handfuls as a midnight snack. The next morning, when the lights were on, I went to put the box back, and it was full of ants. I’m not 100% sure if they got there before or after I ate the raisins, but it’s still pretty gross to think about. © SFiceti / Reddit
  • As a kid (10 or 11), I had leftover Chinese noodles. Knowing nothing about food safety, I put them in the turned-off oven for later, similar to what I had seen my family do with uneaten pizza. Well, I forgot about it for about 3 days. After finding it, I figured it should still be good, right?
    It was the slimiest, most foul thing I have ever tried to this day. I didn’t even think to smell it before trying. © zeecapteinaliz / Reddit

There are myriad cringeworthy situations we may encounter. The handpicked stories in this article are guaranteed to evoke discomfort and make you squirm.


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