A Detail Spotted on Salma Hayek’s Breasts Sparks Big Controversy, as She Celebrates 57th Birthday

10 months ago

Salma Hayek has set the internet on fire with a series of daring snaps she posted for her 57th birthday. Although she looked stunning from head to toe, Salma’s breasts were the main focus of discussion among her fans, and specifically, one detail that sparked a massive debate online.

She’s counting her blessings.

The Frida actress shared with her over 26 million Instagram followers, six snaps in honor of her birthday. She mentioned in the caption that she is ’’so happy to be alive and so profoundly grateful for all the blessings!!!!’’

She continued her wholesome message, adding, “My beloved family, my precious friends, my health, my work that keeps me going, my empowering team, my relationship with animals & nature, and the love of all my loyal fans.” She then concluded it by wishing a happy 57th birthday to herself.

The Oscar nominee looked radiant in her two-piece red bikini as she playfully posed on the beach and sat on the sand.

The post gathered thousands of likes in a very short period of time, and the star was showered with compliments and sweet birthday wishes. Among the well-wishers were also many celebrities, including Priyanka Chopra, Julianne Moore, and Sir Anthony Hopkins, who wrote, “Feliz Cumpleaños Salma. We love you,” along with a red heart emoji.

She divided the internet.

And even though people gushed about the 57-year-old’s breathtaking beauty and youthful looks, her breasts were the center of attention more than any other topic. While hundreds of fans were in awe of Salma’s naturally generous bust, others argued that they could spot the implants in photos.

As one person wrote, “Breast implants weigh her down...,” another noted, “[...] you can see her implants,” while a third commentator added, “[...] Look at pictures when her breasts are pushed up in a bra. You can see the outline of her implants. [...]”

Salma herself had once commented about her breasts becoming larger as she grew older, and she explained that hitting menopause was the reason for this change. If you want to read about it and about other famous women talking about their menopause experience, then check out this article.


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