9 Moms Who’d Rather Forget Their Bank PIN Than Meet Their Daughter-in-Law

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4 months ago

Relationships between daughters-in-law and mothers-in-law can be as complex as origami. Sometimes, a mother welcomes her son’s partner at first, only to find surprises later. Other times, tension arises from the start, but they may end up becoming close over time. Now, let’s see what MILs have shared lately.

  • So, my son calls and excitedly tells me that he and his fiancée will be visiting us later in the evening. He adds, «Hey Mom, just a heads-up, try to stay calm,» and then abruptly ends the call. Now, I’m not one to hide my emotions, but I didn’t quite catch the meaning behind his warning. Later, when I open the door, everything becomes clear. There’s my son, nervously holding onto the arm of a girl with a noticeably large belly. What am I supposed to do? I try to embrace this new reality, searching for the silver lining, but my future daughter-in-law isn’t making it any easier.
    You know what she said when I gently asked about their living arrangements and financial plans? «We’re giving you a grandson, so we expect your full support.» Can you believe that?
  • I used to really admire my son’s girlfriend — she’s intelligent, driven, and fits seamlessly into our family. Everything was going smoothly until they decided to tie the knot. Right after the celebratory dinner, she pulled me aside and mentioned how much she always loved my emerald ring. She wants me to give it to her as a wedding gift and family heirloom.
    Keep in mind, we had already discussed with the kids that we’d give them various gifts totaling around £6,000 (~$7,7K). I lost my cool, and we ended up having a heated argument. Now, both of them are upset with me. My son is siding with her, pointing out that I have other rings. Existing_Ring_ / Reddit
  • As my son’s wedding day approached, I carefully selected a stylish coral satin sheath dress for the occasion. However, my daughter-in-law had other ideas. She insisted I try on the unattractive chiffon pantsuit she had chosen, and now she’s demanding I wear it instead.
    I questioned what was wrong with my dress. Were the open shoulders an issue? I offered to wear a shawl to cover them. But my daughter-in-law’s response stunned me. She claimed I looked too attractive in the dress and that I needed to dress more «age-appropriately». BeeNo5344 / Reddit
  • I arranged to introduce my mother to my girlfriend. We booked a table at a restaurant and settled in, eagerly awaiting their arrival. Suddenly, I receive a call from my girlfriend. She’s sniffling and explains she’ll be a bit late because she accidentally rear-ended a car near the hairdresser’s—she got confused with the pedals. I reassure her and advise her to wait for the owner.
    After hanging up, my mother calls, informing me she’ll also be late because someone crashed into her car. I ask for the location, and it turns out it’s near the same hairdresser. Trying to contain my laughter, I tell my mom, «Keep going, Mom, but when you get there, know it’s not just some stranger, it’s your future daughter-in-law.»
  • At first, my daughter-in-law seemed like a sweet girl to me. I mean, she made my son happy, and that was enough for me to like her. But one day, while visiting them, we got hungry and asked her to order some food. She used an app on her phone for the delivery and we gave her our card details.
    Everything seemed fine until a couple of months later when we noticed some strange transactions from our account. We decided to investigate and were shocked to discover that our daughter-in-law had spent about $17,000 on new clothes, jewelry, bags, and fancy restaurant trips. When confronted, she initially resisted, but when pressed, she boldly declared that she had every right to do so. Apparently, these expenses went unnoticed by us for about four months. ImaginaryNet2379 / Reddit
  • My friend’s son was a bit of a mama’s boy, even at the age of 35, but he finally decided to tie the knot with a colleague and live separately. Surprisingly, he didn’t introduce his mother to his bride; he simply boasted about how beautiful she was. A curious acquaintance, sensing something fishy knowing her son’s lack of intelligence, decided to do some digging herself.
    She managed to find out the address of the hostel where the beautiful girl lived and paid a visit. There, she struck up a conversation with a neighbor who also had some juicy gossip about the beauty. It turned out that her future daughter-in-law had a 12-year-old daughter who didn’t live with her but with her sister.
    Why? Because, as the neighbor put it, «the sister is childless anyway, so she can take care of her niece.» Shocked, my friend asked about the child’s father. The neighbor’s response was quite revealing: «Well, you know,» she said with a smirk, «she’s so beautiful, so beautiful... She still doesn’t know who the father is!»
  • I couldn’t help but feel uneasy about my son’s girlfriend’s extravagant spending habits. Whether it was an expensive YSL bag or branded sneakers, it seemed she dressed well beyond her means for a 19-year-old waitress. Despite this, our relationship remained cordial, and I even offered to help them with their wedding financially.
    However, things took a turn when we went shopping for a wedding dress together, and she picked out a gown worth $10,000. I gently questioned whether such an extravagant dress was suitable for their small, intimate ceremony. Her response, «I’m paying for it myself, so I can afford it,» didn’t sit well with me. Adding fuel to the fire, her mother declared that her daughter was a princess.
    That’s when I reached my breaking point and confronted them, pointing out that my son’s fiancée was a waitress without even a high school education. We argued, and I made it clear to my son that I wouldn’t be providing financial assistance for the wedding. I wanted to ensure they didn’t start their married life drowning in debt, especially if his fiancée insisted on splurging on an expensive dress. It seemed futile for me to offer my help under such circumstances. Additional_Bad_1355 / Reddit
  • I’ve been a housewife for many years. Initially, it was because the children were young, but even as they grew older, my husband and I didn’t see a need for change. When I first met my future daughter-in-law, she wasted no time, expressing her opinion that being a housewife wasn’t a real profession. From then on, it seemed she couldn’t resist making comments about my lifestyle.
    Whenever they came over for dinner, she’d question how someone who doesn’t work could be tired. Even when I shared simple joys like baking a pie, she’d dismiss it as something I had time for because I didn’t have a job. Eventually, I reached my limit and confronted her, asking if she was jealous or envious. I couldn’t tolerate her disrespectful attitude any longer, and I made it clear she wasn’t welcome in my home with such behavior. Unfortunately, my son and her were offended by my words, but I couldn’t continue to endure her lack of respect. Additional_Bad_1355 / Reddit
  • My son has been married for three years now, and my daughter-in-law is a vegetarian who even attempted to go vegan at one point. Whenever they visited us, I made sure there was something suitable for her to eat, preparing dishes without meat. We hadn’t visited them before, as they lived in a small apartment. However, recently they bought a house and invited us over for dinner.
    Before the visit, I called my daughter-in-law to remind her about my nut allergy. Shockingly, she responded that she always uses nuts in her recipes, in various forms and quantities, and she wouldn’t adjust them for my sake. Furthermore, she suggested I bring my own food if necessary. Well, I made it clear that if that’s the case, she can remove my husband and me from the guest list. Vivid-Worth-8581 / Reddit

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