20+ Deep Sea Dwellers That Resemble Creatures From Sci-Fi Movies

2 years ago

Sometimes it seems there are no unexplored things and objects left for us in this world. There are numerous documentaries and shows dedicated to the animal world, and it appears that every creature has already been studied by various scientists, in addition to being photographed and described. That’s why when you come across unknown creatures on the beach, in an aquarium, or while swimming, it leaves us puzzled.

We at Bright Side like to learn new things about the world around us. And we found various deep sea creatures that look more like aliens than anything else.

“Found this creature in our bag of fresh-caught shrimp. Is it edible?”

“This is the largest seaweed bulb I’ve seen in the 15 years I’ve lived at the beach!”

  • You’re probably used to seeing bull kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana). What you’ve found is actually the much larger elk kelp (Pelagophycus porra). © Not-Now-John / Reddit
  • Despite their appearance, the Laminariales (seaweed) are not plants. They are a part of the Heterokonts. — Bright Side note

“Saw this on a rock and thought it was a fish scale. Turned out to be a baby flounder.”

“Any help identifying this? Found it on a beach.”

The Serpula vermicularis usually lives in a shell and is a type of marine worm. Despite its appearance, it’s also not a plant.

“Can you please tell me what this shell is?”

  • That’s an argonaut shell! They’re actually a type of octopus. Only females build shells, and they lay their eggs in them. © Channa_Argus1121 / Reddit

“Not that I’m into Pokémon, but that reminds me of that Pikachu thing.”

“Does anyone know what this thing is?”

This is Janolus fuscus, a species of sea slug.

Variety of algae

This is Hypselodoris bennetti — a colorful sea slug

“Found a bunch of these guys floating in the water. Does anybody know what this is?”

This Phyllodesmium mollusk looks like its prey — soft corals.

“Anyone know what kind of jellyfish this is? I saw a couple floating around on a shore.”

“I saw this in a tide pool. What is it?”

It’s a nudibranch (means “naked gills”)! Little sea slugs are found nearly all over the world. They are mostly poisonous.

It’s not some strange fish, but a cuttlefish.

“Everyone meet the mollusk they call the Golden Lace Nudibranch.”

“This is probably my favorite: giant bell jelly, Polyorchis.”

“Hopkin’s rose nudibranch cruising the surface”

“In my mom’s friends’ aquarium — the owners don’t know what this creature is. Any ideas?”

A pair of Flabellina lotos

What amazing sea creatures have you seen in the water or on the beach?

Preview photo credit 1TPOBID / Reddit


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