20 Treasures From the Past People Stumbled Upon by Sheer Accident

3 years ago

What is trash to one person is a real treasure to another. These items are most often bric-a-brac that can be found at flea markets, in a grandmother’s attic, or under a plank in your own floor. But the most important thing about these items is that there’s usually a story behind them.

At Bright Side, we could look at different things sold at flea markets for hours, but we decided to take a peek at what internet users share online, instead.

“My great-grandmother sketched her teachers in 1924. I found it in her school notebook.”

“— Their clothes are in the 1840s style and not anything close to what they would’ve worn in the 20s. So, they are not the teachers, but the characters from Charles Dickens’ book, The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. She probably read the story, and drew what she thought they looked like.

— see that now.”

“I bought it at my local small town thrift store.”

  • He is so cute!! I think he needs to be surrounded with some warm and soft chocolate chip cookies. © villainasf**k / Reddit
  • It pains me to think that somebody would give this plate away. It’s too cute, how dare they?! © MLC298 / Reddit

“I found this belt buckle while metal detecting.”

“This 1925 invitation to watch the solar eclipse with special spectacles included”

“The first gift my great-grandfather purchased for my great-grandmother nearly 100 years ago”

“I found this 1950s polyester dress for an absolute steal at $9 today.”

“A 1950s tie that gives you fashion advice”

“My grandma kept and framed her Valentine’s Day cards she got in the second grade, around 1924.”

“I got my hands on this lovely English sterling silver mirror from 1906. I love it!”

“I found this sewing needle package at my grandma’s.”

“A very ’70s plaid couch with an AM/FM radio in the arm”

“My grandparents have a table from 1793.”

“This chemistry book from 1897 shows elements as a list rather than in a periodic table because that had yet to be popularized.”

“I have a 1920s tuxedo.”

“— How did you acquire it?
— Every piece there I got from different places. The coat I got online that came with a matching vest. The vest I got at an antique store. The bow tie and shirt I got at a vintage men’s store at different times. And the WWl medic pin I got from a friend.”

“My grandfather has had this milk box since the 1930s.”

“A blue opaline perfume bottle bought in Canada”

“I bought this 1970s black and white portable TV set for just $20. It still works!”

“I inherited this Victorian style bird cage.”

“I found this newspaper from 1928 under the floorboards of our house.”

“I found a Nordic Flora book series from the ’70s. Such beautiful illustrations!”

Do you have any vintage items that are precious to you? Show them in the comments below.

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I have a Hollywood Preview Hardbacked book dated 1950... it was my grandmother's... a time when the ladies were glamorous and the gentleman were dapper....

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