16 Soothing Pictures That Will Bring Waves of Calm to Your Brain

2 years ago

Our brains never stop working, not when we are lying in bed or even when we sleep. So, stopping our brain from operating isn’t doable, but what can and needs to happen is for us to increase our downtime. Meditating, walks in nature, naps, and hobbies are daily things we can do to bring more calm in our brain. Something else that can momentarily do this as well is looking at soothing pictures.

Bright Side knows that all of us need less stress in our lives, and hopefully these 16 perfectly framed photos will help in calming your mind.

1. “My friend’s sleeping cat”

2. “Croissant I did this morning for the SO.”

3. “First prize winning Dahlia, grown by my dad.”

4. “Lavender ice cream at Australia’s largest lavender farm.”

5. “Making a website for a customer who does underfloor heating. Thought you’d like to see his work.”

6. “This is how a seller organized green peas to attract buyers.”

7. “My community just applied a new seal coat on the pavement.”

8. When the clouds move in total synchronization

9. “My macarons with strawberry filling”

10. “How this lime looks after I fully peeled it”

11. “Late night ratatouille — before baking”

12. “Vanilla/chocolate twist from a local shop.”

13. “Making a mosaic with autumn leaves.”

14. “Was able to flip these brownies out flawlessly.”

15. “Spatchcock chicken”

16. “These cats napping aligned on stairs”

Which one of the pictures above calmed your brain the most and made you stop and stare for a few moments?


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