There Is Nothing Perfect in This World, But Here Are 30 Pictures Proving the Opposite

2 years ago

There is a small perfectionist inside each of us that gets excited about anything that matches and displays perfect harmony. That’s why we can’t get enough of those photos where everything is in its right place.

Bright Side gathered 30 little surprises for your inner perfectionists. Enjoy these pictures and become delighted!

In the right place at the right time:

Filigree work

“The eyes on my niece’s socks line up perfectly with the holes in her shoes.”

City perfectionism

Rabbit geometry

Frozen lake

Without people

Magic in real life

A worm in a door mat

Nature is perfect

Perfect pancake pyramid

Right down the middle

“One more reason I love office supply stores.”

When the moon kisses the ocean goodnight:

Perfect ball

Frozen fence

You can find your inspiration everywhere.

Dominoes is such a versatile game.

Winter fairytale

“Wife making holiday treats.”

Aloe hypnotizes.


Mondrian art

In the middle of the universe:

Bonus: A short video about a freezing bubble:

Will you help us find even more magnificent things? Share your photos and write in the comments what excites you the most.

Preview photo credit Qurave25 / Reddit


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