15+ People Who Witnessed a One in a Million Moment and Snapped a Picture

2 years ago

Sometimes life gives us unique opportunities to take really fantastic pictures. All we have to do is just pick up a phone and catch the very moment when something unbelievably beautiful was happening right before our eyes.

We at Bright Side gathered 16 photos, which again and again tell us: timing is everything.

1. This dog definitely has licked up the rainbow... Just kidding, it’s just a prism refraction on its tongue. And that is quite a catch!

2. “Can you roll your tongue like this?”

3. Twice a year in Illinois, we can see this ’Road to the Sunrise’ - a magnificent reflection of the sunbeams along the railroad tracks.

4. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

5. The robbery of the century: baby-otters stealing the cat’s food. But wait, what if he finds out?

6. “Keep calm, child, and enjoy your meal.” Seems this ’kid’ has got a Smart Oven.

7. “This cloud was photographed from a commercial flight. And it is creating a massive shadow.”

8. Kids were playing on the swings, so why can’t I?

9. Funniest bunny ever

10. Queen of the rainbow: she’s all purrs and reigns.

11. This photo was snapped on the way home from work. Perfect photo opportunity!

12. Got some seeds? The rocket-bird is on its way.

13. This puppy can replace all the OMG memes. And such a pretty face will surely brighten any situation.

14. Icelanders say this eruption in Eyjafjallajökull is pretty small... compared to the other ones. Hopefully, we can enjoy this beauty from a much safer distance.

15. Come to the Bright Side: we look awesome.

16. Puyehue Volcano in Chile — a spectacular mix of colors

It’s hard to not comment and create your own catchy names and phrases for all of these photos. Please share what came to your mind while looking at them!

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Preview photo credit daviddensc / reddit


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