This Artist Makes Comics That Take Unexpected Turns and Here Are 16 of the Best Ones

3 years ago

Tyler Martin illustrates comics that many of us can relate to... but wait a minute, they don’t have the endings you might expect. He created twisted endings that will leave you thinking twice the next time you find yourself in one of these situations.

All of his comics are amusing, but Bright Side chose those that we liked the most.

1. Leaving your child your valuable things

2. Dads have special ways of covering for you.

3. This dog is marking its territory... oh wait, what?

4. Taking some time to let it all out

5. Not the pineapple...

6. Well... her wish did come true.

7. A dog that you don’t need to take care of

8. Giving your child medicine is never an easy task.

9. Always listen to your father...

10. Finding your phone in the most convenient way

11. You made a big mistake...

12. How to become immortal

13. Every time you use your card

14. What type of bellybutton you have?

15. Prove that you are not a robot.

16. Breaking a phone is never a good feeling

Which one did you find the most twisted?

Preview photo credit puddlemunch_comics / Instagram


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