10+ Big Goofs We Somehow Missed in Our Favorite Movies

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You must know the feeling when you’re watching a movie and feel that there’s something wrong with it. And when you play it in slow motion or analyze the script more attentively, you might notice a lot of interesting details. In some cases, you will notice different takes stitched together, and the actors wear different clothes and makeup, and in others the characters’ actions contradict basic logic.


Do you remember the start of the movie where the researchers find the legendary cruise ship that sank and opened the safe in one of the rooms? There, they find a portrait of a girl with a diamond necklace that looks a lot like the “Heart of the Ocean.” And now look at the difference between the portrait of Rose Jack drew in the movie and her portrait we see in the opening shots.

Beauty and the Beast

During the entire movie, Belle walks around without a hat. But the creators of the movie forgot that in the past, only women that didn’t respect the social norms walked like that.

It’s curious that all other women in the movie wear headscarves. And the women from the place Gaston and Defou were resting in didn’t wear anything on their heads. Maybe there was a reason why Belle was called strange? The story was written in 1740 where this social norm was still very much alive.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

We all remember that Edward’s skin shines when he is in direct sunlight. But this rule doesn’t work for Alice (another Cullen family member) for some reason. Even though she wears gloves and sunglasses, she still walks in the middle of the day and doesn’t shine. There was enough sunlight on the open parts of her skin.

The Island

The main characters escape a lab where clowns are produced. During their journey, they are washed with water, they crawl through vent shafts, and climb rusty ladders. But when they are on the surface, their clothes are perfectly white. However, when the main characters reach the nearest town, their clothes become gray and dusty.

The Martian

Mark Watney stayed alone on Mars and found a Pathfinder that wasn’t functioning since 1997 and uses the transmitter to send a signal to Earth. How could a botanist use a 40-year-old device and connect it with modern wires? Look at the shot: all the connectors fit like a glove!

Home Alone

In the first shot, we see Kevin putting a red container with detergent into his basket. But when his bags tare on the way home, we see that he doesn’t have such a container. However, he uses that same red container later at home.

Also, look at how easy it is for the boy to carry the shopping bags. It seems that they are really light. But the containers should weight at least 3 pounds each!

Alice in Wonderland

When Alice falls into the rabbit hole, a pendant on a short chain goes missing from her neck. In the shot when he looks down, it’s still there, but several seconds later, it’s gone. And it happens before she changes size! So, it couldn’t just slip off when her size changed.


When Jim meets Aurora, he tells her that the choice of meals on the ship is limited for him because he’s not a “golden level” passenger. But we have to ask: how could he visit expensive restaurants and use all the other perks for rich space researchers? The robots were supposed to tell him right away that he didn’t have enough money for such entertainment.

Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams

The movie opens with the adventures of young Carmen and Juni in an amusement park. The man in the first shot says that some visitors might vomit at high speeds, covers himself with an umbrella to prove it and several seconds later, someone’s puke actually lands on him. But then we see that all the cubicles are sealed with a glass dome when they’re moving.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

When Bethany is talking on the phone, the cup of coffee next to her is acting really weird. In different shots, its handle has very different positions. The camera shows very similar angles, first only a part of the table, then the entire table. But the character is talking on the phone and never touches the cup.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Insulted, Mary splashes her glass right into Sherlock’s face. At first, the hair next to his forehead is dry and several seconds later, it’s wet. And the position of the drops and water strains is different on his cheek.

Van Helsing

Look at the earrings of the vampire Alira. During her tense conversation with Anna, they appear and disappear. It seems that different takes were stitched together here.

The Hunger Games

During the Tribute Parade, the viewers through flowers at the passing chariots. But when the chariots reach the balcony where President Snow is, you can clearly see that the road they took is perfectly clean.

And one more thing: when Gale brings Katniss bread, she starts eating it as if she’d never seen bread before, and she even asks if it’s real. But District 12 definitely had a bakery. Peeta helped his parents in the bakery and also learned to draw on cakes that helped him create his disguise.

The Lost City

In the movie The Lost City, Loretta hid the parchment under her right lapel. But after a while, when she approached the rock and noticed a drawing on it, she took the ancient text out from the opposite side.

Finding a movie without a single goof is almost impossible. But the main thing is that, in general, movies leave a pleasant impression, and do not make viewers regret the time spent watching them.


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