13 Problems Only Pale People Will Understand

2 years ago

Some people are fascinated by porcelain skin but only pale people know what it’s really like to be a “vampire” in the sun. You can recognize these people by their 2 summer shades: snowy and “lobster.” See what other problems pale people are faced with every summer!

Are you the one who constantly struggles with the sun during the summertime? Do you always get burned or have problems finding the perfect foundation? We still find you amazing and unique!

We at Bright Side gathered 13 true facts that only pale people will understand.

1. “I shall blend with the white sand.”

2. Being pale is constantly proving to others you’re not sick.

3. Considering mixing chalk with my foundation, pale girl problems.

4. You can’t hide from paleness.

5. Me standing in the sunlight:

6. Pale people’s problems are not like others’ problems.

7. In the sun, your skin is another source of light.

8. Pale people can teach you to distinguish numerous shades of light colors.

9. People may ask you if you’re from this planet.

10. At least you can save your money while others spend.

11. There are two types of pale people in summer:

12. Yes, I’m very fashionable.

13. Consider it to be an advantage.

Do you recognize yourself or your friends in these photos? Share in the comments, what other true stories and facts you know about being pale!

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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