9 Ordinary Things That Cause Disgust in People Who Don’t Like Physical Contact

4 years ago

We all have that one friend who always tries to avoid hugs or kisses. You might even be that person. Others consider this behavior strange because they don't know what a person who doesn't like to be touched goes through.

Bright Side collected some typical cases that this type of person might find difficult.

1. Other people's children

Children are the flowers of our lives...as long as we can admire them from a distance. We love other people's children, but we don't think that hugging them is necessary to show our love. We only hug our own children.

2. Summer

Summer has one big disadvantage: the sweaty bodies of other people are all around us, and they always seem to stick to us. Wearing open summer clothes and not touching a seat or a stranger with our skin is almost impossible.

3. Hugs without a reason...

It's hard to understand why we need these hugs when meeting or saying goodbye. We haven't just returned from a war after all.

4. ...and with a reason

It's a terribly awkward situation when someone who is practically a stranger is trying to hug us. Moreover, our behavior might be perceived as coldness, and that can be awkward or embarrassing.

5. Massage

It seems incredible when we see other people regularly visiting massage parlors. Moreover, they are happy when they get a gift card for a course of massage where their bodies will be touched by a complete stranger. THEIR WHOLE body. That's unnatural.

6. Swimming pools

A swimming pool is a soup with people. The moment when our face will be washed with the same water that has just washed the feet of some stranger will be the last in our life.

7. New relationships

We need some time to get used to having a new person in our life. It will not happen instantly. But once it happens, we will give you all the tenderness that we have inside.

8. An old friend

Try not to touch us when speaking. Please keep all those friendly touches and shoulder slappings to yourself. We can be attentive listeners without all those things.

9. And the main thing

If we hug you regularly, it means that you are one of the most important and loved people in our life.

Now you can hopefully understand what a cat being caught and squeezed every now and then feels like. Don't do it. Respect personal space...and cats.

Which group are you in? The ones who don't mind touching or the ones that totally disapprove of it? Please tell us in the comments!

Illustrated by Yekaterina Ragozina for Bright Side


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