15 Celebrity Fails That Just Made Them Laugh

2 years ago

Everyone has awkward moments in public, like having a broken shoe heel, stumbling on the flat ground, or having a skirt lift up in the wind. Some people choose to forget these moments as soon as possible, while others, on the contrary, turn them into a joke that they can share with friends.

If you want to know how to behave in an awkward situation, we at Bright Side decided to have a look at how celebrities do it. At the end of the article, you’ll read a story about a celebrity who received assistance from her colleagues when she was down.

Elizabeth Olsen meets the wind gusts with a smile and uses her purse right on the spot.

Jennifer Garner almost fell at the Oscars afterparty but managed to keep her balance and smile afterward.

Marion Cotillard knows how to elegantly pick up her earring that has fallen to the floor and continue walking the red carpet as if nothing happened.

Model Ming Xi continues to smile even if she falls.

Do you have the same facial expression as Britney does when you try not to drop something?

Jessica Chastain is not afraid to pose in front of cameras, even in strong winds.

Jennifer Lopez’s dress came apart at the seams right in front of cameras. But her dazzling smile drew much more attention.

Zachary Quinto’s makeup artist let him down. But the actor didn’t get flustered and walked the red carpet proudly.

Behati Prinsloo almost lost her dress, but Adam Levine was on guard.

Helen Mirren got tangled in the skirt of her dress right on the red carpet and almost fell. But then she got up graciously and continued to walk.

Gigi Hadid’s shoe heel broke right before coming out on the runway. The model didn’t let it bother her and strutted barefoot.

Jessica Simpson’s heel got stuck in a rain grill. The singer just laughed at her misfortune.

Paris Hilton came to a show wearing different shoes and looking totally unconcerned. So it’s hard to tell whether it was a mistake or if she did it on purpose.

Tom Hanks was asked to take a photo with a baby, but the child wasn’t happy with this idea. It seems that the actor eventually managed to find common ground with the baby.

Jennifer Lawrence fell on some stairs. But she got up and confidently went to the stage to get her Oscar. She had enough of a sense of humor to laugh at the situation.

Bonus: Some situations require friends’ assistance.

Actress Virginie Efira was unable to cope with her shoe ankle strap that had come untied. Her colleague, Adèle Exarchopoulos, came to the rescue right on the Cannes red carpet, but neither of them could solve the problem. Then Niels Schneider joined them. It’s great that there are such helpful people around!

Did you happen to have awkward situations? Tell us about them.


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