20 Pictures That Show How Deceitful First Impressions Can Be

year ago

“Don’t believe in anything you can’t see,” it’s what we’ve been told. But what if the things we see don’t make any sense? The only option left is to focus a little better, apply logic and not let the images fool us. After all, no confusing picture can beat our highly developed human mind.

1. “They look like they are bumping their heads.”

2. “The reflected lights look like an alien invasion.”

3. “Had to do a double take on this one”

4. “Unintentionally seductive”

5. “This guy’s costume designed to mimic invisibility”

6. “This levitating roof sheet”

7. “Caution sign seemingly sits on water.”

8. “My daughter and I almost walked into this mirror.”

9. “Strange building in San Jose, CA”

10. “A girl at a bus stop”

11. “When my buddy’s dog leaps over grates, her body and legs disappear, and it looks like a dog’s head is just floating down the street.”

12. “Gravity doesn’t work here.”

13. “Toddler holding a head”

14. “Had to look twice”

15. “Skipped leg day”

16. “Somebody’s lying.”

17. “This man does indeed have a full body.”

18. “This picture of my friend’s cat”

19. “Nice legs!”

20. “Cheryl Cole has three legs...”


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