20+ Funny Pictures Proving That Grocery Store Signs Can Be Works of Art

2 years ago

As we do our grocery shopping in the modern world, there is so much advertising that we often don’t even pay attention to it. Yet some creative souls are out to get us with the most wonderful ads — just like the ones on this list that Bright Side so carefully collected for you.

They’re not wrong.

This can touch your memories — and your wallet.

Mother of avocados!

Creative meatheads. Literally.

Props to the artist’s imagination!

That’s the baguette that knocks.

A seasonal ad, obviously!

Available bananas

Your money, your choice.

Did they have those in the Victorian era?

An unexpected deal

The ground beef sneaked out on me.

Turn that frown upside down.

He’s grumpy and out to get your allergies...

...and some good metaphors.

Choices were made.

For all the haters of the Twilight saga:

Such dawg, much ad.

The battle we all enter!

When you treat your bathroom like a runway:

Which side are you on?

No doubt there are some creative salespeople out there. Have you met any? Be sure to share with us!

Preview photo credit drbatookhan/imgur


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