15 People Who Can Be Easily Spotted in a Crowd

2 years ago

Some people are too bright and unique just to fit in with the crowds. Nope, they are meant to stand out — a kid with vampire teeth and a woman peacefully walking her... pigeon. You never know who’s going to show up when you go out — that’s what makes life vibrant and exciting.

Today at Bright Side, we are going to show you 15 people that are so unique they are basically professional head turners.

1. “My son has real vampire teeth and his favorite food is ketchup.”

2. “My almost 2-meter-tall friend is having some trouble at the ATM.”

3. “A customer walked into my store wearing this.”

4. “Flamingo mustache I grew for movember charity”

5. “Pant leg cleverly repurposed as a hat”

6. “This guy brought his gaming super computer into the public library. In several suitcases.”

7. “Spotted this gem on the metro.”

8. “This guy I saw at a Starbucks with a badass outfit.”

9. “Also being 6‘6” in Japan"

10.“I dyed my beard to raise money for cancer research. In total, I raised $1,000! ”

11. “Girlfriend asked for a romantic horse ride on the beach and a picture for her mom. This was the result.”

12. “It took 3 cans of spray and a block of foam, but man I’m pretty.”

13. “Einstein achieved time travel (subway, Buenos Aires )”

14. “Family on a scooter”

15. “I encountered this woman in Seattle walking a pigeon.”

Have you ever spotted anyone unique in a crowd? What feature did that person have?

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