10 Pics That Prove Our Own Body Can Surprise Us More Than Any Wizard

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Did you know that your blood vessels can circle the globe more than twice? The human body is a miracle indeed. Each of us has unique traits baked in our DNA, which makes us all special in our way. But there are some people who possess some physical attributes that render everybody speechless. For instance, we all have met someone who can do a jaw-dropping stretch or who has extraordinary rare genetics.

The Internet is full of people expressing their unique physical features, and Bright Side has curated some of our favorites below.

1. “Here’s Robert Wadlow, an absolute unit. The tallest man who ever lived passed away at 8feet and 11.1inches (272 cm) and 439 lb (199 kg).”

2. “My son is jacked.”

3. Look at those eyes!

4. “I have a birthmark in my eye.”

5. “My very dark brown hair in different lighting, same day”

6. “I’ve had boxer’s knuckle (a sagittal band rupture) on my index and middle fingers on both hands since I was a kid from a lot of piano practicing.”

7. “My middle finger curves upward.”

8. “When put in a ponytail, my gray and black hair splits in an almost perfect line.”

9. “My wife’s very long legs”

10. “The thing I can do with my double palm thumb joint”

What physical attributes surprised you the most? Do you have any unique characteristics? Do you know anyone who does? Let us know in the comments.

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