The First Image You See Can Reveal What Your Heart Longs for Most

2 years ago

Studies have shown that different people may interpret what they see differently depending on their personalities. The eyes see everything, but the brain picks what’s most important to you first. In this particular test, you’ll see what’s actually most valuable to you.

We at Bright Side love quizzes and tests, but please remember it’s just a game — don’t take it too seriously! However, if you find that the results are spot on, maybe it’s not just a joke after all.

1. What do you see first?

Zebra: You’re an extrovert: you love talking, partying, meeting new people, and doing new things. Following a routine is not your style.

Lion: You’re an introvert: you like spending quality time alone or with the company of a loved one, a glass of your favorite drink, and a few episodes of your favorite TV show.

2. What do you see first?

Tree: You can be a bit quiet but it’s not because you’re shy. You just like being who you are and don’t need anyone’s approval.

Gorilla: You’re a maximalist and a perfectionist. Just keep in mind that sometimes you might be too critical and it can hurt people.

Lioness: You have a very strong personality and don’t let anyone stand in your way.

Fish: You’re very sensitive and have a soft personality and caring heart. Don’t let other people take it for granted.

3. What do you see first?

Baby: You like having time to yourself and shouldn’t feel guilty if you just don’t feel like going out. That’s okay, be yourself.

Couple: You love your friends and although you don’t like loud parties and big groups, you have a few very close friends and you would do absolutely anything for them.

Trees: You have a very bubbly personality and you’re always open to new experiences. Change is not a big deal for you. In fact, you love change!

4. What do you see first?

Trees: You have great intuition and always trust it. You have a very laid-back personality and like spending quiet time doing nothing.

Tiger: “Don’t trouble the trouble if the trouble does not trouble you.” This saying is all about you! You have a very strong mind and once you make a decision, nothing can make you doubt that it was the right one.

5. What do you see first?

Trees: Your endless energy is amazing. You’re spontaneous and are always ready to explore new places. You cannot possibly have 2 days that are exactly the same.

Face: You like to have everything in order. Having every little thing well-planned and knowing what happens tomorrow, the next week, or even the next month makes you feel safe and comfortable.

6. What do you see first?

Saxophonist: You are a social butterfly and the center of every party. It’s no wonder that everyone wants to be your friend. Just don’t forget that every now and then, we all need a break to recharge.

Face: Big noisy parties are not for you. In fact, you often get really emotionally drained and physically exhausted from being in a large group of people for a long time.

7. What do you see first?

Face: You are very down to earth, easy to talk to, understanding, and sincerely caring.

2 figures: You’re very competitive and it applies to everything, not just sports or work. Whatever you do, you just have to be the best. It’s great setting high goals but remember, even the best of us need rest.

Did we get it right? Either way, tell us about your results in the comments and share this article with your friends and family.

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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The first couple of the stuff was right on point, it was everything that people described and I describe myself, but then some of the last ones.... eh... just kinda off course.


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