20+ People Tried on Clothes From Previous Generations, and They Look Insanely Cute

3 years ago

Many families have their own cute traditions. Some pass on family jewelry from generation to generation, others call babies certain names that are rooted in their family, and some regularly travel to places that are especially dear to their hearts. But there is another category of people — they carefully store their clothes for future generations, giving their children and grandchildren an opportunity to try on outfits that have survived for decades.

We at Bright Side went through hundreds of photographs that depict different family generations wearing the same outfits, and we think the ones we chose are insanely adorable.

“After several unsuccessful attempts to choose a wedding dress, my mom offered me her own, which was made in 1980. We updated it a bit, and here is the result.”

“All the girls in our family, from 4 generations, wearing the same clothes and standing in the same part of the house in 1970, 1983, 2001, and 2017”

“My grandmother’s festive dress: My mom went to her graduation wearing it in 1991, and I wore it in 2017.”

“This dress is over 45 years old. Of course, the length is extreme, but it was fashionable in the 1970s. My mom always thought she needed to lose weight, can you imagine?”

“My mom at her 3rd birthday in 1979, and my daughter at the same age in 2020. She is wearing the same dress that was lovingly restored.”

“I recreated my grandpa’s photo from 1977 wearing his actual shirt.”

“I confiscated this dress from my mom. It’s about 40 years old, but I love to wear it at work. It’s comfortable, made of a nice fabric, and has pockets — just beautiful!”

“My son and I in the same costume, 30 years apart”

“My father and I in 1980, and my son and I in 2018”

“I felt something indescribable when I got married wearing my mother’s dress, which also belonged to my grandmother.”

“My friend wore the same blazer and looks like his dad 30 years earlier.”

“My daughter and I wearing the same costume my grandma made for me, 31 years apart”

“My mom’s denim jacket from Spain, 1982. I get compliments on this all the time.”

“My mother-in-law in 1956, my wife in 1983, and my daughter in 2011 were photographed in the same dress sewn by my wife’s grandma.”

“In the left photo is the greatest man I know, my grandpa. In the right one is me. We are both 23 years old in these photos wearing the same jacket, 60 years apart.”

“My wife and her mom at their weddings, wearing the same dress. It’s been 25 years between these photos.”

“My wife and my daughter wearing the same dress, 27 years apart”

“My mom’s jeans, purchased in 1985, are my favorite pair.”

“My mom saved my sweater from 1989. Now, my son is wearing it 30 years later.”

“My dad wore this 40 years ago. This leather jacket looks like new! We, his daughters, didn’t wear it, so it’s waiting in the wardrobe until the grandkids grow older.”

“My mom has been saving her dress for 37 years. It was my grandma’s wedding dress in 1948. And I made my princess dreams come true with it.”

Do you have any clothes in your family that were passed down from generation to generation?

Preview photo credit emveeous / Reddit


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