15 Tattoos You Don’t Want to Have No Matter What

4 years ago

Everyone makes decisions differently about getting tattoos. Some people take a long time to think everything through and some people decide to do it spontaneously and emotionally. Most people from our compilation are probably spontaneous. But sometimes, even if you are careful with choosing your tattoos, you still might get a controversial one like the guy in the last picture.

Bright Side came across several tattoos that made our eyebrows go up.

“The sketch I made for my tattoo vs What I ended up with”

Treble clef tattoo

Her tattoo says “fresh spring rolls” in Thai.

“My wife and I had matching tattoos planned. I went first, hers was scheduled for a week after that. That was 4 days ago, 2 days ago we decided to get a divorce due to obviously unforeseen unfortunate circumstances. I’m an idiot.”

“My friend got a tattoo.”

And where are the legs?

“My friend bought a tattoo gun on amazon for £100. Tattooed Darth Vader on himself.”

“A friend of mine got a tattoo of some flowers, looks... Great!”

“So my buddy’s step-sister got a tattoo of her mother...”

“My awesome Star Wars tattoo”

“A buddy of mine has a friend who gave himself this in the 8th grade.”

“Okay, there may be a typo here...”

What’s up with these poor animals?

Well, this word is not easy to spell, so...

A guy got the same tattoo as the dog he got. It turned out that the tattoo means that the dog was neutered.

Later, the man said that he knew what the tattoo meant. He just wanted to do something for his dog to reinforce their connection. “My dog is always with me now.” We probably wouldn’t have done the same.

Have you ever gotten a bad tattoo that you regret? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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These are terrible tattoo. The flower one is really poorly done ?


Another reason to add to my list of why not to get a tattoo haha


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