20 Times People Made So Much Progress, No One Could Recognize Them

2 years ago

Each day can be a start to a new life. Just losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet can help to reduce anxiety and depression or open up doors to a new job opportunity as a model. People can change drastically just by starting to love themselves.

We at Bright Side are all for better changes and a love of life and want to share 20 amazing people who could do it.

1. “Last year at this time, I was the heaviest and most unhealthy I’ve ever been. This year, I walked in my city’s fashion week.”

2. “Almost 1 year apart — there are no words for how amazing I feel.”

3. “I lost weight, grew a beard, and started modeling in my thirties.”

4. “Roughly one year apart here, never even realized the progress in my face until I found an old selfie.”

5. “10 months, the second time in my life I’ve lost 70 pounds”

6. “I struggled with emotional eating due to depression and anxiety. I’m still in the process of losing weight but satisfied with the current progress.”

7. “1 year after osteotomy jaw surgery”

8. “I’ve been really hard on myself lately.”

9. “Feeling like a completely different person!”

10. “Not quite done yet. My daughter is the reason I decided to turn my life around.”

11. “I’m counting calories, making healthier choices, and sticking to a workout plan I love.”

12. 4 years apart

13. “21 months — I manifested ’what if’ into a reality.”

14. “A picture of how amazing you’re going to feel on your wedding day after all your hard work”

15. “Only at the halfway mark!”

16. “Day by day, I don’t always see the changes, but then a pic like this pops up and I feel proud of how far I’ve come!”

17. “Only 5 more pounds to go and feeling better than ever!”

18. “I thought I was done losing but dropped another 10 pounds this month.”

19. “I did this with running, keto, and green smoothies, and I’m ready to lose some more weight!”

20. “A salesman grows a ginger beard and becomes a GQ model...”

What weight do you dream about being? How hard is it for you to maintain a healthy weight?

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l noticed that quite a few sure didn't look very happy for their changes. Makes me wonder if their (changes) were their ideas or someone else's.


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