20 Users Share the Amusing Facts They Learned, and They May Be a Real Revelation for You

2 years ago

Knowing facts or random useful things can always come in handy, whether it be to help us or to spark a conversation with somebody. People from all over the world discover things that will most definitely be helpful to others, and they graciously share them on the Internet. You never know when remembering that some squats can earn you a free bus ticket or that some ATM screens can’t be read unless you’re right in front of them can do good.

Bright Side would love to help you learn something new, and hopefully, you can take advantage of some of these 20 facts one day.

1. “Real rubies tend to fluoresce under a black light.”

2. “Residents of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, can get a free bus ride if they do 20 squats.”

3. “You can’t read the cash machine screen if you’re not directly in front of it.”

4. “The hotel I’m staying at has the fire evacuation plans at ground level so you can see them if smoke has filled the hallways.”

5. “This college made a water bottle with a map of the campus on it. It also shows places where you can fill it up.”

6. “These lines go up the wall so you can park perfectly in between the lines.”

7. “You can charge this battery with a micro USB.”

8. “There is a cigarette vending machine in Las Vegas that now sells art instead. For $5, you can have one of several original pocket-sized pieces of art.”

9. “In Basel, you can exit the airport into 3 different countries: France, Germany or Switzerland.”

10. “This movie rental place has a hole in the wall so that you can order pizza from next door.”

11. “At this library in Philadelphia, you can rent cake pans.”

12. “This airport in Cleveland, Ohio has a station where you can learn CPR for free.”

13. “These TVs are in my office lobby. You can only hear them if you stand under the dome.”

14. “This Coke machine dispenses a free can of Coke when you hug it.”

15. “In Cairns, Australia you can just buy bananas in unmanned stands based on honesty.”

16. “You can rent a power bank at this store.”

17. “This pay phone lists free calls you can make from it.”

18. “This USB receptacle is able to move so that you can plug it in in either orientation.”

19. “This work desk at the library has a bike seat and pedals so you can exercise while you study.”

20. “These are parking spots at the mall where you can park your dog so you can go shop. Comes with a food and water bowl.”

Have you ever come across something useful, like what we’ve shown you? We’d love to learn all about it!

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