15 Urban Designs That Turn Any City Into a Wonderland

2 years ago

Some academics agree that street art, and even overgrown nature, can be a part of urban design and not just the work of planners and pros. All of these things turn our cities into not only places we work and live in, but places to enjoy recreational spaces and even works of art themselves. So, be it an extravagant tourist attraction or someone painting the wall at night, we can reap the benefits of their creativity.

Bright Side gathered examples of how our city landscape can be improved, both from professionals and rogue street artists. You be the judge.

1. “There is a tiny Darth Vader carved in stone on the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.”

2. “Someone painted the cement barriers into a giant Toblerone.”

3. “A school bus in Amsterdam”

4. Balat, the most colorful place in Istanbul

5. Air balloon tours in Cappadocia give the participants a once-in-a-lifetime experience while giving the citizens an amazing sky view.

6. A store in Sirmione, Italy, that looks like it just sprung from the fairytale

7. “This building in Chicago has a map of the surrounding area with its own location marked.”

8. Carpet-patterned street in Mardin, Turkey

9. “This 2D cafe in Shinjuku”

10. “These bollards outside a school, shaped like pencils”

11. “Humorous wall art I found walking around, very relatable.”

12. Garland lighting along an entire street in Moscow

13. A technicolor basketball court in Paris

14. This lovely book truck in Italy — so you can read on the street

15. Shenzhen Wenheyou, a decorated, retro sci/fi-themed food court in Shenzhen

What are your favorite examples of urban design? Or design in general?

Preview photo credit davekmv / reddit


No: 4 The colours on the streets of Balat. Oh, but if only more places were like this, l really think it could help fight Depression. What an Amazing idea!!!

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