17 Photos That Left Us Wide-Eyed in Disbelief

2 years ago

There are some discoveries that simply leave us floored, even when we think we have seen it all. The extraordinary thing is that they can be hiding right under our noses, like the woman who found out she was growing a mini extra bone. Thankfully, we are able to share some of these exceptional moments with you so that we can all revel in their excitement and wonder.

Bright Side has searched for some of the most unbelievable photos that prove we don’t know what luck and surprises are hiding around each corner.

1. “My girlfriend’s milk game is so strong that she grew an extra bone.”

2. “Megalodon teeth I found diving in 90 FSW off the coast of North Carolina”

3. “A pink pigeon on a UK high street”

4. “A cheese vending machine in a mountain village in Switzerland”

5. “My neighbor at our farm, riding a horse to celebrate his 102 year birthday. I’m convinced he will never die.”

6. “Genetically modified strawberries in Japan that taste like normal ones!”

7. “This time capsule brick I found”

8. “My lemon tree gives us pepper-shaped lemons.”

9. “I don’t think I’m coming into work today.”

10. “The cake cut my knife in 2...”

11. “Finding a 65-million-year-old Plesiosaurs vertebrae whilst walking the dogs in Buckinghamshire, UK”

12. “Frost ferns and a polarized light rainbow simultaneously!”

13. “This heirloom tomato I grew that looks like a watermelon”

14. “The ice makes my kid’s soccer net looks like glass.”

15. “A couple in our neighborhood painted their house pink — like, the whole thing.”

16. “It’s too cold to eat outside today at −40°F.”

17. “Here are my removed and genetically modified white blood cells, about to be put back in to hopefully cure my cancer!”

“This is T-cell immunotherapy!”

What are some of your biggest discoveries? Do you have any unbelievable photos to share with us?

Preview photo credit Philobus / Reddit


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