15 Weird Objects That Can Puzzle Almost Everyone

2 years ago

Almost 2 million people follow the Reddit communityWhat is this thing.” Some users publish their photos of weird things there, others try to guess what the thing is in the photos.

At Bright Side, we decided to test our logic and knowledge. And, honestly speaking, it wasn’t very easy to guess the purpose of the majority of the objects in the photos.

1. “I found this thing in my basement. I have no idea what it is.”

Answer: Looks like the base of a yarn winder. Toyota was in the fabric loom business originally.

2. “What is this?”

Answer: “Today is my birthday and I turned 55. But nothing made me feel older than seeing this post and knowing immediately what these were. Flash bulbs. Oh my God, I’m so old.”

3. Vintage furniture with an unclear purpose

Answer: It’s a rack for newspapers and magazines.

4. “I found this flat spoon-sized racket with a king handle.”

Answer: It’s a vintage letter opener.

5. “I found this on a film set, no one knows what this is.”

Answer: It’s a handle attachment for a commercial blower vacuum.

6. “I found this in our new house on the top landing banister rail. Seems like it’s meant to hold something but not sure what it is?”

Answer: It looks like a hair dryer holder. But it’s unclear why the previous owners chose such a strange place for it.

7. “I found this in a random box of kitchen supplies.”

Answer: It’s to slice bread.

8. “What is this rainbow bar on top of cardboard boxes, like cereal?”

Answer: It is some kind of a printer’s check. If one of the colors is missing or the wrong color, the whole print does not pass quality control.

9. “I inherited this 10 years ago and I just found out it opens. Why?”

Answer: This is a perfume bottle.

10. “My grandma is getting rid of a bunch of old silverware. I wonder what this is?”

Answer: It’s a sugar scuttle.

11. “I found this at an old decommissioned salmon canning facility.”

Answer: It cleans the chimney.

12. “What is this small metal thing?”

Answer: It’s an antique lipstick tube.

13. “What is this attachment on the shower wall in our apartment? It looks too wide to hold soap.”

Answer: It’s a soap dish/sponge holder.

14. “I found this hanging in the basement of our new house. Google has been zero help!”

Answer: It’s a horse brass strap, they hang off horse tack for decoration.

15. “I found this under my bed, it must’ve belonged to the last au pair. What is this thing?”

Answer: It’s an orchestral conductor’s baton.

Have you ever found objects that still remain a mystery to you? Tell us in the comments below.


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7. is never ever to slice bread. How should it work? But I have no idea what it’s for, either. Edit: maybe it’s an item used to make cheese. (To cut the stocked milk into pieces.)


I found this thing in my basement. Anyone knows what it might be?

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