15+ Times People Used Their Eagle Eyes and Spotted Things That Are Worth Sharing

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It’s incredible what the human eye can pick up, even in the most mundane settings. There’s always something new to discover if you’re paying attention. In this article, we’ve compiled 15+ examples of people using their keen eyesight to spot things worth sharing that will have you looking twice at the world around you.

1. David Beckham standing on his tiptoes next to his son Romeo.

2. “Spotted in the Radiation Oncology office at work today.”

3. “I spotted this in the jungle of Corcovado, Costa Rica.”

4. “An aptly labeled antique store find.”

5. “When you’re by yourself but want to drive in the HOV lane.”

6. “Soap-flavored gum”

7. “This QR code is made out of pavement.”

8. “Geometric shapes in this vegetable”

9. “This billboard for a new development that resembles The Silence of the Lambs poster.”

10. “The inside of this toy looks like Ninja Turtles.”

11. “This tree looks like a map.”

12. “One of my neighbors has a picture of Rosie Perez and Woody Harrelson on their window.”

13. “On the back of a tag on a kid shirt I thrifted.”

14. “Print on a milk bottle.”

15. “IRL Ant-Man”

16. Jeremy Piven trying to look taller.

What was your favorite picture? Share your own examples of things you’ve spotted and found interesting in the comments below.

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I also give men 'small man syndrome ' as I'm a 6ft tall girl.


im 5ft1.5" and practliy all of my friends r taller them me. i even have 1 that i dont even come up to is sholders cuz hes past 6ft.


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