20 Fails That Are So Epic, You Might Feel Embarrassed Too

3 years ago

Every couple of minutes, we snap more pictures than all of humanity did in the 19th century. However, nowadays we capture the most unique moments with our phones and cameras, something that people back then never could have dreamed of. And of course, there are some photographers with the God-given talent of being able to capture the perfect shot. These gifted photographers will always catch you, whether you’re about to spill your drink all over your friends or dramatically fall into a swimming pool.

We at Bright Side have collected 20 photos taken at just the right moment.

1. We’re not sure if she’s enjoying it...

2. It looks like they’ve accepted their fate.

3. Who has it worse, the lady or the cake?

4. Safety? What safety?

5. Hopefully, he’s strong enough to handle this.

6. We hope she’ll still love biking after this.

7. Will they be able to escape what’s coming their way?

8. The pure shock on his face...

9. It probably was a really strong drink.

10. Maybe he’ll manage to at least save the drink...

11. They’re so blissfully unaware.

12. Save the camera from the water!

13. We hope he doesn’t fall.

14. She needs to train her horse a bit better.

15. We’re not ever calling this Uber.

16. At least they’ll catch a famous baseball bat!

17. It’s not the nicest shower, that’s for sure.

18. We hope he still has an eye after this.

19. This looks like a Renaissance painting.

20. They probably didn’t expect this to happen.

If you have any other photos taken at just the right moment, please share them in the comments below.


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