A Father-in-Law’s Comment Made a Woman Leave the Dining Table, and Here Is What He Said

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10 months ago

A family dinner can be a pleasant occasion, but it can sometimes become a challenge. That happened to a woman shocked by her father-in-law’s comment at the dining table. She posted her story on Reddit, asking people if she was right to leave the table or whether she should have stayed.

Here is how it all started: "My husband and I were invited for dinner at my in-laws’ place yesterday. Everything was going great until my mother-in-law brought up my husband’s “player” phase in high school. She was jokingly saying, “Honestly, him in High school, <strong>I’d never thought he’d actually settle down with somebody,” and my father-in-law was like, “Yeah, even less with someone like you.” I asked him what he meant by that.

He said, “Well, you weren’t exactly his type in high school, you know?” My husband tried to make him stop after that, but my FIL added, “Not saying you weren’t pretty enough or anything like that, you just wouldn’t have caught his eyes.”

I got up from the table and went to the bathroom. I was not even in there for 5 minutes when my husband knocked and told me we were leaving.

Once we were home, my husband received a text from his mom saying that my reaction was childish and disrespectful and that we wouldn’t be invited again until I apologized. My husband replied that I’d only apologize if my FIL apologized first. He didn’t get an answer, but his sister told me I needed to apologize ASAP because I was risking my husband’s relationship with his parents over a misunderstanding."

Surprisingly, most of the comments support the woman’s actions.

  • There was no misunderstanding. I guess you’ll just have to find a way to make it through life without invites from your in-laws. Top-Necessary5003 / Reddit
  • It sounds like your husband has your back, which he should. I wouldn’t want to return to my parent’s house if they treated my wife like that. Your FIL is playing the victim. Don’t let them twist this like that. Call him and tell him you want to apologize for bringing out the worst in him. SupVFace / Reddit
  • They need time to figure out what they did. CX500C / Reddit

Building the right boundaries between you and your in-laws is hard sometimes. This article will help you do that.

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They are toxic, narcissistic bullies who probably had that dialog planned out ahead of time. They're just people, and there's no shame in your husband standing by you and freezing them out.


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