I Refused to Attend My Sister’s Wedding Because She Asked Me to Look Ugly

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4 months ago

Picking out a wedding outfit can turn into a real battleground. Believe it or not, such seemingly simple decisions can actually cause a lot of chaos. Take Ellie and her sister, for example. Their clash over a dress choice at Ellie’s upcoming wedding turned into a real drama. Now the sisters don’t even talk to each other.

One of our readers sent us a message.

Thank you for getting in touch! We’re really sorry to hear about what you’re going through. We’re here to share some tips that might make things a bit easier for you.

Forgive her.

Weddings are usually one of the most stressful life events, so cut Ellie some slack. She’s probably going through a lot of things right now, and your beautiful dress added additional worries.

She might want everything to be perfect on her wedding day, and your dress added up to a bunch of other things she’s worried about. It sounds like she’s insecure and doesn’t believe that she can also be the center of attention.

Find a compromise.

You might want to tailor the dress Ellie gave you. This way, you’ll adjust it to your figure while still wearing what your sister wants. Additionally, consider wearing the dress for the ceremony or specific wedding events. You can later change into a different outfit for the reception or other less formal parts of the wedding.

Don’t feel pressured to go to her wedding.

Don’t force yourself to attend her wedding if you don’t feel like celebrating in another dress. It will be hard for you to keep the festive mood, and bottling up emotions is unhealthy. You might come up against misunderstandings, and your relatives might probably take the bride’s side. Yes, this is your sister’s wedding day, but that doesn’t mean your feelings and comfort should be disregarded.

Support her.

Your sister might not realize that she’s also beautiful and will look stunning even if you wear your dress. Genuinely compliment your sister and remind her of her beauty, both inside and out.

You can say something like, “I just want to say how beautiful you are, both on the inside and the outside. Your kindness and generosity shine through, and I admire you so much.” Reassure her that her beauty can’t disappear because of other people.

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Don´t, just don´t forgive that bridezilla! She ruined your gorgeous dress, which is unforgiveable. Leave her and stop every contact with her. Explain the situation for your parents and family, ´cause she had crossed a line, which not should be crossed!


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