My Husband’s Tattoo Helped Me to Find Out He Was Cheating on Me and Even Had a Child

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Learning something awful about a person, whom we trusted more than anyone, may be a huge stress and shock. Just like it was for a woman, who discovered many heartbreaking things about her husband, by just looking at his new tattoo and later connecting the dots to get a full picture. The woman shared her story on Reddit, and many people were both amazed at her detective skills and compassionate about her failed marriage.

It all started with an ordinary tattoo.

A woman wrote to one of the Reddit communities to share her mind-boggling story, that started with a very innocent act of her husband. She wrote, “A year and a half ago, my husband got a tattoo. I don’t have a problem with tattoos or anything like that but had never gotten one before or talked about getting one.”

When she asked him about the reason why he actually decided to ink his body, his reply was not likely to cause any troubles.

The OP wrote, “He said he started thinking about it because one of his sisters married a man who had several tattoos. It made him realize he wanted one. He ended up getting a lily tattooed on the left side of his chest. I didn’t really like it, but I didn’t comment because he is free to do what he wants with his body.”

A simple coincidence made the woman rethink her husband’s tattoo.

The woman seemed to have forgotten about this tattoo and continued her normal life with her husband, when one day her husband decided to add some details to his tattoo.

The OP wrote, “A little over a year after he got the lily done, he went back and had some ivy added around it. I used to go to certain work events and parties with him because it was normal to go. He then started telling me I couldn’t go with him, and then I insisted on him to take me there again. He finally relented and brought me to one.”

Then, a seemingly ordinary meeting grew into a huge problem. The woman wrote, “I met one of his colleagues. She works in the same department as him, and they have the same title, so they work together a lot. Her name was Lily.”

The OP had some puzzle being solved in her head, but her husband said she was wrong. The woman explained, “My husband swore it was a coincidence. I had tried to ignore my feeling about him suddenly wanting a tattoo.”

The revelations that came after that event were really stressful for the woman.

But soon the woman discovered that her spouse did have some huge skeleton in a cupboard. And not just one.

She wrote, “He eventually admitted they have been having an affair for the last two years. I was so shocked I was not even thinking about the ivy, but my husband said that Lily had a baby she named Ivy, and he got the tattoo a few months after the birth.”

When the OP found out about this affair and that her husband actually had a baby with his mistress, she of course thought about divorcing her husband immediately. But he did have a big hope that she’d forgive him for everything that he’d done.

The woman revealed, “He begged me not to get a divorce, but I can’t forgive this. We have to be separated for a year before we get divorced.”

The woman now is totally desperate and broken.

The OP wrote, “Our daughter is turning 18 next month. There will not be child support ordered for either of us by the time we are divorced. The divorce should not be complicated. We both work, so the attorney I consulted said there will not be spousal support ordered for either of us and our assets will be divided.”

She shared her feelings about everything that has happened to her, saying, “Part of me is still in shock. He wants to go to counseling, but I can’t. We have been married for 19 years, and I let him convince me my feelings about his tattoo were wrong. I never thought I would be 43 and getting a divorce, but here I am.”

Reddit people were very supportive in the comments.

People in the comments were quick to react with their opinions, and some of them even shared their own stories.

One person revealed, “My ex got me pregnant, which I found out about after I left him. I left him because he was a terrible partner. He was always being inappropriate when it came to other women, and he was attempting to control me, and I wasn’t having it.
So I left him and then found out two months later that I was pregnant with our daughter, who is now 3 weeks old. When I found out I was pregnant, I did what I thought was the right thing and let him know.
When he realized that he was not going to be able to use my pregnancy and our daughter to manipulate me into coming back so that he could continue to control me, he disappeared on me. It’s fine because we’re both better off without him in our lives anyway.”

Another person wrote, “Good for you! What a massive ah. I’m sorry that happened. Hope you find your peace.”

And another user wrote, “OP, 43 is still young, trust me. Surround yourself with good people, and plan yourself a nice vacation. You deserve to be treated with love and respect, and when you’re ready, you’ll meet someone that is worthy of that trust. I’ve been there, and it’s really painful to get over that kind of betrayal, but be patient with yourself, and you’ll get through it.”

And here’s yet another story that will give you a “true detective” vibes. One woman found a tampon in her husband’s car, and the truth that she revealed about him because of this tampon, was far more evil than a simple infidelity.

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