15+ Photos That Added Some Extra Charm to People’s Photo Stashes

2 years ago

We all probably have that one photo in our family albums that reminds us of the best moments in our life. Whether it’s a nostalgic shot from younger years, or a rib-tickling moment that we were able to save on our cameras, all these photos are especially treasured by our hearts. These are photos filled with life and can undeniably soothe and amuse anyone’s who having a tough day.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve found 18 pics that became the cherry on the top in people’s albums. We’d love for you to get the feel good vibes from these photos together with us.

1. “My daughter felt one straw was not enough.”

2. “Took a picture of my wife flipping her hair back in the water. Nailed it!”

3. “My little cousin is happy to be here.”

4. “Not everyone was excited about bringing home baby.”

5. “Max was not impressed with my level of love.”

6. “Found this little guy while I was doing yard work. He would not let go of my hand for an hour.”

7. “This is probably one of the most peaceful sleeps of her life on her first day home after NICU.”

8. “My Cabbage Patch Kid from when I was a boy looks just like my 2-year-old son.”

9. “I found a bee covered in pollen outside on my porch and it posed for a nice picture for me.”

10. “He’s been doing this since he was a puppy and he still fits.”

11. “The moment my son realized he had toes.”

12. “My nephew taking his first poop.”

13. “He knows he’s in trouble.”

14. “The moment my nephew learned life isn’t always fair”

15. “Feeding my caracal cat”

16. “My nieces and nephew were excited about his Crocs and they accidentally made their first rap album cover.”

17. “This is Charlie. He’s on his first snow adventure. Got tired immediately and had to be carried the rest of the way.”

18. “Caught him by surprise with his first girlfriend.”

Is there a shot from your family album that you’re especially proud of? What kind of emotions do you feel while looking at it?

Preview photo credit madridfanatic / Imgur


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