20+ Lucky People Who Got a Real Treasure Almost for Nothing

2 years ago

When you need a new chair or a dress, you usually go to a store to buy one. But some people go straight to a thrift shop where they can find something really expensive for just pennies. And some people even manage to find a perfectly working TV set or a bicycle which someone has thrown away.

At Bright Side, we wouldn’t mind knowing where these magical thrift shops are located because we too want to find something similar to the things the heroes of our article found.

1. “When I saw it, I was like, ‘Oh, it’s a quality leather bag. And it’s only $11.’ Then I googled the brand. It’s a $700 bag by Philip Lim!”

2. “I found my dream chair on the side of the road, and after some tidying up it’s safe to say my cat and I are happy.”

3. “I found a pair of working Google Glasses in a box of reading glasses for $1.50.”

“It’s not supported by Google anymore but you can still use it for certain things like making calls and taking photos and video.”

4. “I found this loaded Herman Miller Aeron chair sitting in the trash!”

5. “I found a Burberry trench coat.”

“One night walking home I got a glimpse of the classic Burberry pattern next to a trash can. I went to check it and there was a huge trash bag full of clothes. Some were already on the floor as if someone had checked them before. Everything was clean and neat and smelling wonderful! I grabbed a bunch of women’s coats too, all from expensive brands but nothing like Burberry’s, of course.”

6. “We were looking to buy an elliptical trainer which can be hundreds to almost 1,000 dollars. I decided to check online and found this for free!”

7. “There’s a dumpster in my town that regularly blesses me with bicycles. This was my today’s find.”

8. “Someone threw out a perfectly working 40-inch 4k Smart TV.”

9. “They’re the Women’s Ravenna pants originally $483. I got them for $2. Definitely happy with the discount!”

“These are a size up than I would usually take but they fit really well.”

10. “One of my dumpster diamonds.”

11. “I found 2 shoe racks by the road.”

12. “I thrifted this pink chair and stone podium, both for under $15.”

13. “I found The North Face backpack in practically new condition.”

14. “I’ve been looking for a comfy armchair like this for weeks! I found it in trash.”

15. “My neighbors got rid on this chair. It’s mine now.”

16. “They just left it on the side of the road.”

17. “When you manage to thrift the most adorable koala onesie for just $1.”

18. “My neighbor was tossing this generator out on my lunch walk.”

“I asked him if it worked and he said, ‘Yes’. I snatched it up that second and carted it the whole 2 blocks to my house on foot, in the pouring rain, because it would have been gone when I got back.”

19. “This morning’s side of the road find.”

20. “I’ve always had trouble when I resell hats, not anymore! A beauty of a glass mannequin head.”

21. “Sheffeild Swiss mechanical watch for just $4.99.”

22. Free Knoll chairs? Yes, please.

“By the way, they cost approximately $500 per piece.”

23. “I can join the jewelry club now. Tiffany & Co. $15.”

Do you like to visit thrift shops? Did you ever buy something expensive for pennies? Show your finds in the comments below.

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Preview photo credit Great-Escapist / Reddit


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