20 Unexpected Things From the Past People Found in Their Homes During Renovation

2 years ago

Old houses often have a long story and are full of secrets because several generations could have lived there. That’s why when current owners start a renovation, they can suddenly discover true treasures like old objects, safes, frescos, and even hidden rooms. And of course, who wouldn’t want to tell everyone around about these finds.

When we at Bright Side do home renovations, we peek under every wood panel on the floor, check every wall, and explore every distant corner of our homes. And sometimes we also find something as interesting as the characters of this article discovered.

“Found these rings in a little locket that was hidden under my grandpa’s staircase.”

“Previous owners left this behind the basement bathroom curtain!”

“Unexpectedly discovered a floor safe. Opened it but there were only cobwebs inside.”

“Found an old key while renovating my 100±year-old house.”

“Found a hidden attic. It was a door to a hidden room with old wartime newspapers, a bed, and photos on the walls.”

“Found a steam room and hot tub in my basement, behind a wall during demo.”

“Beautiful drawing found behind a wall while renovating our bathroom”

“1866 Penny found in the wall of my old house during renovation”

“1970s Fanta grape soda found inside my drywall while renovating the bathroom.”

“My friend decided to replace her old carpet and she found a cellar door and a cool surprise.”

“Friend tore down his wall for renovations and found this mural on another wall behind it.”

“There’s a random chain embedded in the wall of my 1930s-era home.”

“I found a WWII British gas mask in the attic of a house we are renovating.”

“Renovating my house and found a newspaper from 1911 under the floorboards.”

“My parents are redoing the tile floor in the kitchen, and they found a safe under the tile. Unfortunately, it was empty.”

“My 84-year-old father is renovating his house. He found these wall murals, which he believes are from 1912.”

“Bought a house 10 months ago. Found a sewer pipe disguised as a palm tree while working on the basement.”

“My dad is renovating his bathroom and found a dress in a walled-off secret closet.”

“Found this class picture from 1911 in the walls when redoing our kitchen. The back says, Vivien Gilbert June 1911.”

“My grandfather and I found a WWII Purple Heart while renovating a house he just bought.”

Have you ever found anything interesting while renovating your homes?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

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