18 Cunning Manufacturers That We Can Only Ask, “Have You No Shame?”

3 years ago

Any company wants to sell as many of its products as possible. They’re ready to do a lot of things to achieve this result, trying to present their products in the best light possible. And people often fall prey to such tricks. Of course, consumers get really angry and give a lot of negative feedback, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

We at Bright Side have found several examples where manufacturers were either mistaken or dishonest. Some of them made us angry, and others made us laugh.

“Is this muesli or bird food? It’s not enough anyway.”

“This completely flat spoon I was given to eat my soup with”

“This is my stove. The 2 largest burners are positioned too close to the front edge and too close together, making it impossible to use 2 large pots at the same time.”

“The cake I ordered vs the cake I received — Happy Mother’s Day!”

“I thought I ordered a blanket. I can’t stop laughing, it looks so funny on my bed!”

The order of these pills

They look really tasty.

This Starbucks cup’s “design” just makes the cup look dirty. The one on the right is with water.

“Yeah, you’d better have a good sense of humor.”

“Bought a frozen pizza at the discount store.”

“This symmetrical pump head made me laugh.”

This bowl looks like it’s perpetually dirty.

This bottle has the ingredients list in the same color as the liquid inside.

“Bought this bag online because of the cool front pocket, or rather, fake pocket.”

“This grass cutter that I recently purchased online has the cutest short cable I’ve ever seen!”

“And I thought the engineers wouldn’t surprise me...”

T-shirt hems that fold with no mercy

“My girlfriend got this jacket because it has pockets...”

What purchase was a true nightmare for you?

Preview photo credit LeninTheskyDiamond / Reddit


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