15 Comics That Can Creep Into the Heart of Anyone Who’s Ever Fallen in Love

3 years ago

Barmy-Chip-Witch depicts relationship routines exactly the way they are: hilarious, a bit weird, and heartwarming. Her comics turned out to be so accurate that they easily resonate with everyone who has ever been in a relationship.

We at Bright Side see ourselves in every comic and want to share them with our readers so that you can experience the same thing.

1. She loves watching movies.

2. Sometimes you just can’t get enough hugs.

3. Monday mornings are the worst.

4. Totally worth it!

5. When he stays overnight for the first time:

6. Was it sneezing or an earthquake?

7. A healthy lifestyle requires sacrifice.

8. Do you ever look at someone and wonder, what is going on inside his head?

9. Snails are the perfect babies.

10. Hopefully, girls will finally get normal pockets on their clothes.

11. Sometimes, each one of us needs a “trash TV show day.”

12. He always knows what you really need.

13. They should never take their hand away.

Could you see yourself in these comics? Tell us about the funny situations you’ve gotten into while dating someone.


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i love number 13 its hilarious but i would just give them that look and see what they know whats wrong with the picture


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