Couples Therapists Share 13 Daily Habits That Will Make Your Relationship Stronger Than Ever

3 years ago

Research shows that simple habits like staying in contact during the day and going to bed at the same time can help your relationship flourish. Although that may seem obvious, many therapists and psychologists tell us how important these little actions actually are for creating closeness and trust. Find a way that works for your relationship dynamic and start practicing these habits.

Because of this, Bright Side is sharing the best tips with you from the experts to make sure you get the happily-ever-after you are looking for.

1. Practice free and open communication.

This is because communication is considered to be a central part of any relationship by relationship experts. It allows your partner to understand all of your fears, hopes, and beliefs, and gives you both a chance to tell each other when you don’t agree. Communication isn’t just about speaking but also about actively listening to your partner without any distractions (i.e. your phone).

2. Cultivate shared interests.

It seems that sharing similar activities or views on subjects is a recipe for a strong relationship. Any activities that are stress-free and that increase your closeness are associated with happier relationships, according to some research. This does depend on how dedicated you both are to the activity, as they only help to keep your relationship strong and healthy if you both want to share relationship activities.

3. Keep in touch throughout the day.

Texting your partner a compliment, a funny photo that made you laugh, or just a positive comment can create a sense of closeness. Simply messaging them to let them you that you are thinking about them can strengthen your connection, as this can help them feel more satisfied with the relationship.

It also appears that being responsive is a crucial part of any close relationship, meaning that replying and acknowledging your partner’s messages are important.

4. Pay attention to the little things.

This can mean that you may start to notice your partner’s subtle queues and needs, which, before, you never saw. These are known as “bids,” subtle signals your partner gives out for attention, from a wink to an open question. Letting them go unnoticed can lead to resentment, as they may feel that their needs aren’t being met when they reach out.

5. Do chores together.

Today it appears that housework is shared between a couple more than it was a few decades ago, as men are more likely to help out at home. It’s not surprising that research has found that couples are happier when they share the housework, especially washing the dishes. It really does seem that sharing daily chores is key to a happy marriage.

6. Compliment each other.

Expressing gratitude and appreciation of each other is an important foundation of any relationship. This can be anything from telling them how amazing they are, to complimenting their looks and clothes, to telling them how much you appreciate them. Studies have found that this can help partners who have low self-esteem, which they found can actually improve the relationship.

7. Laugh together.

We all know that laughter can be the social glue for all relationships, and something that magically brings us closer. In fact, it has been found that laughing together brings you closer together as you feel that you see the world in the same way. It seems that laughter makes you closer than ever with the one you love and strengthens your relationship.

8. Show appreciation.

There are many ways of showing your gratitude and appreciation for your partner, and they are all effective. Research has shown that the amazing thing about gratitude is that the more you feel appreciated, the more you appreciate your partner. Gratitude was also linked to more committed and long-lasting relationships, suggesting that it is a big part of a happy relationship.

9. Resolve your arguments the same day.

Love is not always a paradise, and when arguments do occur it is important to deal with them in a healthy way. One important way is to make sure that you have talked it out and have overcome the issue together on the same day, if possible. In fact, it has been found that it is harder to get rid of the negativity after a night’s sleep, so it’s better to not let it drag out over a few days.

10. Make time to say hello and goodbye.

Just a few seconds is all that it takes to show your partner how important they are. Although it may seem like a minor detail, it can greatly strengthen your relationship by showing them that you missed them and that you are excited to see them again, even if they are exhausted.

In fact, several couple counselors talk about the importance of greeting and saying goodbye to each other to stop any resentment from building up between you. It can reconnect you after a day apart and show that you care about each other.

11. Say I love you.

Slipping these 3 words into your conversations every day can remind your partner just how much you care for them. You can also tell them how much you love them day to day without actually saying the words. You can help them to achieve what they value most and what is important to them, perhaps it’s as simple as leaving the kitchen tidy and clean.

12. Orchestrate surprises for each other.

According to research, couples are happiest when they do small acts of kindness and show respect and affection to each other. It also has the benefit of keeping the marriage or relationship alive and spontaneous, instead of stuck in a routine. This can be as simple as buying their favorite snacks or making their favorite meal. These thoughtful acts can really bring you closer together.

13. Go to bed at the same time.

Research shows us that this is part of the secret formula for a happy relationship. This is because it can get you both into the same daily routine and give you undistracted time together to focus on each other.

Other than sleeping at the same time, it has been found that couples who get a good night’s sleep are happier together. Pillow talk has also been found to be very important for keeping a relationship happy and healthy.

How long have you and your partner been together? Which of these tips will you be trying first?


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