The Way Your Partner Displays Affection Reveals What They Value in You

4 years ago

Saying “I Love You” is possibly the easiest way to let somebody know that you care about them, but it isn’t the only way. When it comes to expressing emotions, every individual is different. While some use words, others rely more on actions and gestures. The way your significant other displays affection may not be the same way you do, which can make you anxious about your relationship and make you feel less desired.

Bright Side has identified 6 ways people display affection for their partners without using words and we’ve deciphered what they mean.

1. They listen to you like your personal diary.

If your partner is ready to listen to you and comfort you on both your sad and happy days, they are not only a great listener but this also suggests that they value trust in your relationship. By allowing you to vent, your partner tries to make the connection between you 2 stronger and more honest.

2. They love cuddling as much as you do.

When you are in love, cuddling is one of the greatest joys of being in a relationship. If your partner likes to cuddle as much as you do, it signifies that they too love spending quality time with you and moreover, value intimacy in your relationship. Not just that, random forehead kisses and back hugs are also a sign of them trying to tell you how important you are to them without really saying the words.

3. They encourage you to achieve your goals.

Being in a relationship doesn’t equal being with your partner all time or texting them 24/7. At the end of the day, you are 2 separate individuals with different goals and dreams. If your partner encourages you to dedicate more time to achieve your goals, rather than complaining about them not being the center of your attention, it means they value personal space. Understanding that your partner also has a life and the right to pursue their own dreams is a sign of maturity and true love.

4. They help you around the house.

If your partner doesn’t mind doing the laundry every other day or doing chores regularly then it is a sign that your partner considers you as their equal, their equivalent half. It is really hard to find somebody who values equality in a relationship, so if you have found your special someone, don’t let them go!

5. They don’t mind talking about you to their loved ones.

The clearest sign that your partner is not fooling around with you is to see them talk to their friends and family about you. If your significant other doesn’t mind telling others about your relationship, it means that they value commitment and that they are with you for all the right reasons. They see a future with you.

6. They engage in PDA whenever you 2 go out.

An occasional public display of affection is okay, but if your partner does it all time, it might be a red flag. Wanting to show your relationship off to others is a sign of insecurity and if your partner just doesn’t know how to keep their hands off you, even in public, it might mean they are lusting after you.

How do you tell your other half that you love them without using words? Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner was not very vocal about their feelings? How did you deal with that? Share your story with us in the comments!

Illustrated by Polina Koshel for Bright Side


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What if my husband want me be so clear with him but with the opposite side he doesn’t with me ! And also I feel I’m going to change and hide things happen with me


#2 is wrong, physical touch is just 1 of 5 love languages. Just because your partner doesn't love cuddling doesn't mean they don't love you.


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