18 People Who Had to Look at Something Twice to Believe What Was in Front of Their Eyes

2 years ago

You’re walking along peacefully when suddenly your sight meets something it can’t believe. No, you are not in the comfort of your own bed, dreaming. What you’re seeing is a somewhat strange configuration of the reality you’re used to. You could go on with your life as if nothing happened or you could at least take a picture and share it with others so they understand that you were not delirious.

At Bright Side, we made a selection of scenes that made their protagonists feel unsettled, and, with them, we put together the following list.

1. “Woke up scared stiff last night when I noticed a Victorian ghost floating at the end of my bed. Took me a few minutes to realize it was my clothes on the door.”

2. “So my friend suddenly had some water leaking through the wooden floor in his apartment.”

3. “This stick almost gave me a heart attack during my trail run.”

4. “I got so scared when I was walking to my car.”

5. Maybe it’s not for sitting.

6. “Here’s a pin my brother found from his childhood. (He’s the very weirded out kid in the middle)”

7. “Yes it’s a woman walking down the street with a pet raccoon. Never seen anything like it in the UK.”

8. “Abandoned portion of mall”

9. “A queen bee landed on my neighbor’s car...”

10. “There are plants growing through my electrical socket”

11. “And Connecticut just created its new tourist attraction...A mini GRAND CANYON in Cromwell!”

12. It must be ironic or for a very particular family.

13. A slightly strange mannequin

14. “This toy is lonely...”

15. “What time is it? Found this clock in a thrift store.”

16. “Forgot to make up my bed this morning. Came back home to my sheet trying to come alive.”

17. A true fan

18. “Started work this morning, put my headset on, felt something furry in my ear, looked, and there is a bat in my headset.”

Do you remember something that suddenly appeared over the course of your day and made you think “I’m dreaming”?


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