15 Designs That Had Us Scratching Our Heads in Confusion

year ago

Imagine looking at a picture, and realizing that you’ve been looking at it wrong the whole time. Those are the types of pictures that truly astound a person. And with the Internet being so vast, these pictures just keep coming, and they’re getting better and better.

At Bright Side, we are still trying to decipher these pictures, so we hope they are going to be a challenge for you as well.

1. In this house we...what?

2. “How does one even mess up this bad?”

3. “The designs on these plates that make it look dirty”

4. “Smile for the camera — oh, wait.”

5. “My local sink”

6. “Found at my school”

7. “Someone decided to put a mirror in front of the toilet...why?”

8. “These slides at a school have their entrances blocked.”

9. “This hand sanitizer feels a little oily.”

10. “75%, 15%, or 10% off?”

11. “Looking great!”

12. “We’re pet friendly, no pets allowed.”

13. “Went to a coworker’s place on a day off; checked the time literally 10 times before realizing...”

14. This can’t be possible.

15. “I have no idea what this is supposed to say.”

Can you decipher any of the images above?


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