16 Ingenious and Funny Designs That Are Surprisingly Neat

2 years ago

If you want to buy conventional stuff, you’ll probably go to a store near to you and buy everything you need. If however, you want to buy something out of the ordinary, you’ll take a dive into the deep waters of the internet. There is nothing that you can’t find there, and trust us when we tell you that you will find even the wildest things your brain has thought of.

Bright Side searched around the web and found product designs that your eyes will adore and your heart will want.

1. A bread-themed phone case.

2. Heated bread gloves so your hands never get cold.

3. Moldy bread purse

4. A realistic dog pillow so you never feel alone.

5. McDonald’s fries gloves will keep you warm.

6. Food USB flash drives

7. “Why use your driver on the fairway when you can drive the fairway?”

8. Too bad you can’t eat this pumpkin purse.

9. “This amazing airport carpet.”

10. Panera Bread created a bread glove so you can carry your drink in the cold weather.

11. A frying pan you can carry everywhere with you.

12. A 3D Spiderman ceiling light.

13. A not so spacious, but very catchy backpack.

14. A toaster that gives you toast with Bob Ross’ face on it.

15. A giant corn foot stool.

16. A porcelain hamburger you will be tempted to eat.

Would you ever buy any of the items shown above? If so, which ones do you think would look okay in your house?

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Preview photo credit rommydebommy.com


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