10 Dream Jobs You Might Not Know Exist

2 years ago

Among the wide variety of roles you can take up as a full-time job, there are some that will stick out and make you think it’s nothing but a dream. Bright Side is listing down unexpected, out-of-the-box jobs that actually exist, and yes, you can possibly apply for them.

1. Ice cream taster

This one is for ice cream lovers! Ice cream tasters rate the quality, taste, consistency, smell, and appearance of ice cream flavors. To qualify, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree in food or dairy science, significant experience in the ice cream industry, and have a healthy palate.

2. Director of doggie flicks

This may just be the cutest job someone could ever have! An emotional support animal provider’s director of doggie flicks will binge-watch feel-good movies about dogs, such as Marley and Me and A Dog’s Journey, and write a review of the movies for the company’s blog. Requirements for the job are someone who loves dogs but isn’t necessarily a dog owner, and one who won’t mind writing 1000-word reviews of these movies.

3. Professional mermaid

Mermaids exist, at least as a profession. Professional mermaids work as performers in children’s parties, festivals, and pool/beach events. They also teach and train other aspiring mermaids in, you guessed it, mermaid schools! To qualify, you should be a good swimmer, have swim-related and lifeguard certifications, and be able to pose underwater.

4. Disneyland face character

Working at a theme park can be fun, but if you’re working as a Disney princess, it can be a dream come true for many. Disneyland face characters’ jobs are more than just playing dress-up, they also have to physically resemble a specific character, do meet and greets, perform for large audiences, and be open to working with families and children.

5. Video game tester

Before any video game gets launched to the public, there are video game testers that play them to locate and report errors so that programmers can fix them. As of 2020, the annual salary of testers ranges around $53,000. A degree is not always required to become a video game teaser, although a degree in video game design or programming can help.

6. Professional snuggler

Professional snugglers or cuddlers get paid to hug complete strangers in a completely platonic way — meaning no intimacy at all. It is said to be a form of touch therapy for people who suffer from traumatic issues, disabilities, or emotional distress.

7. Professional bridesmaid

Planning a wedding can feel like a full-time job, and that’s where a professional bridesmaid comes in. A bridesmaid for hire can help you plan for the wedding, they show up to the wedding, walk down the aisle, and can even give a maid-of-honor speech!

8. Professional sleeper

Yes, you can earn money for sleeping. Professional sleepers are paid to nap to help researchers for studies and other businesses. For example, pillow makers may employ sleepers to rate the relief and comfort of their products. For scientific research, sleepers help doctors to evaluate cognitive functions and basic biology requirements in a relaxed and sleeping state.

9. Netflix tagger

Getting paid to literally “Netflix and chill” may be absurd, but it really does exist. An originals creative analyst, AKA Netflix tagger, watches Netflix content to “tag” each movie and episode to corresponding metadata, which has a direct effect on the movies or shows that people consume on the streaming platform. To qualify, a Netflix tagger recommends getting into a library or archival studies program in a school that also has a film program, as the job entails library science skills and extensive knowledge in movies and shows.

10. Waterslide tester

For adrenaline junkies, testing waterslides is THE dream job. According to a water slide tester based in Hawaii, testers need to be able to ensure that the slides are safe for public use before launching them to the public. They are required to undergo lifeguard and first-aid training to meet the requirements of the job.

Which of these jobs will you be applying for? Do you know of other dream jobs that we can include next time? Share your thoughts in the comment section!


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