19 Times Unusual Situations Became Unforgettable Moments

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Although predictability is reassuring, life would be so dull without the element of surprise in it. And luckily, the universe never ceases to introduce new facts every now and then into our defined model of the world, making life a wondrous gift to slowly unwrap as we go through it.

At Bright Side, we put together some unexpected situations people have encountered, ending up creating unique and memorable moments. Get ready to be puzzled!

1. “Into the void”

2. “I had a bubble form between my hands.”

3. “This full circle rainbow I saw today.”

4. “This transparent leaf I saw today.”

5. “A garden rose from my neighbor’s yard growing through my fence almost 6’ above the ground.”

6. “A Dodge Caravan caravan.”

7. “I saw this guy on my way to work.”

8. “This red cabbage I forgot in the fridge grew again out of its rotting mold.”

9. “The new rainbow film on my windows makes it look like my toilet has a side quest for me.”

10. “This figure on a building in Miami almost gave me a heart attack.”

11. “This ice formation that looks like a chandelier.”

12. “Interesting shadow casted off my plant leaves. Do you see a perched bird?”

13. “Once a day the sun and blinds unite to create something stunning on my ceiling.”

14. “My new monstera leaf looks like a thumbs up.”

15. “I took a pic while my dogs were fighting, accidentally captured this.”

16. “This giant blueberry I found today.”

17. “Burned my finger this morning, blister has interesting shape.”

18. “The white patch of fur on my puppy’s chest looks like a bird.”

19. “Apparently it was Bring Your Goose To Work Day at my friend’s office.”

Did you ever witness a similar unexpected situation which got forever stuck in your mind? We’d love you to share it with us in the comments section below.

Preview photo credit Larssmaller/Reddit


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