19 Nimble People Who Fought Inconvenience Like Rockstars

2 years ago

Our brain has different areas, and each of them stands for various tasks that we do. However, scientists claim that there’s no special area in our brain that would be fully responsible for our creativity. To give birth to a creative solution, our brains need to make all areas work as a friendly team, and only then will we be able to produce some witty solution. The heroes of today’s article probably had their brains switched on to the maximum and came up with some pretty good decisions.

Here at Bright Side, we’d love for you to take a look at how inconvenience pushed people to the limits of their creativity. And here are 19 cool minds who rock at unconventional solutions.

1. “How to hide a scratch.”

2. “My 13-year-old daughter wants a nose ring for Christmas. I can hardly contain my excitement.”

3. “My buddy’s kid had craniosynostosis surgery. His dad designed helmets for a year.”

4. “Unburnt cookies”

5. “A coworker was in need of a bowl, so I fashioned one out of a plate.”

6. “If you’re like me and have a broken laptop hinge...”

7. “Coworker made a vacuum modification today for cleaning out particles from a lens.”

8. “This is how my wife protects her yarn from the cats.”

9. “How we keep kids busy at home”

10. “I had lots of old jeans that either didn’t fit or were worn out, so I made them into a new pair!”

11. “Whelp...nailed that one.”

12. “How to cook once and eat for a whole month!”

13. “My friend is borrowing my cat carrier. I had to take Spanky to the vet. So I used this.”

14. “My students fixed our colored pencil issue that was causing drama in the regular classes.”

15. “My shower broke, so I fixed it.”

16. “The power button on the TV broke. This is how my dad fixed it.”

17. “Our couch at the firehouse broke. We fixed it.”

18. “My headphones broke, so I found a solution.”

19. “I made these spikes to stop ’helpful’ people from grabbing me without consent.”

What is your favorite life hack of all time that you saw on Bright Side or 5-Minute-Crafts? What is a solution of yours that you think is just genius?


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