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In most comedies, there’s a character who’s a bit of a loser, always ending up in funny situations. These scenes often make us laugh, but when you’re the one going through them, it’s not as amusing. Some folks get upset about their failures, while others bravely share their mishaps with everyone.

1. “The ant situation we found at work when we went to make coffee.”

2. “Broke my foot in Cancun, first day of my Honeymoon.”

3. “I had to break through my bathroom door.”

“The lock failed and wouldn’t open, and I was home alone for at least two days and didn’t have the phone with me, so I had to break through.” Cardans1328 / Reddit

4. “Took off my headphones tonight and noticed I have a bald spot.”

5. “My 50th Birthday party, invited all of my friends.”

“Figured it be nice to throw myself my 50th birthday party, invited all of my friends, some would need to drive an hour to visit. It started an hour and half ago. Purchased hamburgers, hot dogs for a BBQ. No one has shown up yet.” Gamerdave74 / Reddit

6. “I sneezed too hard and messed up my back, I’m 28.”

7. “Went to weigh myself, think I know the answer.”

8. “Dog decided to bust through my bedroom door like the Kool-Aid man while I was at work.”

9. “I’m a terrible baker but I wanted to surprise my wife with a fresh loaf of bread. Everything was looking great until I cut into it.”

10. “Was out desert riding and went to check the time just to find this.”

11. “Just because it ‘fits’ doesn’t mean you put it in the locker.”

12. “I guess I’ll move out and just let him live here.”

13. “Just sat down for a 6-hour red eye flight.”

14. “My girlfriend ripped my painting.”

15. “How many times can you wash a washable pillow? One... two... three! Three times!”

16. “My freshly drawn hotel bath after a long day of work.”

17. “Guess I’m never wearing a shirt again.”

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Preview photo credit saltless-fries / Reddit


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