12 Heart-Wrenching Family Secrets That Shattered People’s Lives

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7 months ago

Sometimes, curiosity drives us to uncover secrets. People boldly share their family’s most profound truths on the internet, finding solace in revealing what’s long been hidden.


“I found out my mom cheated on my dad before marriage and a second time when I was three years old. Took her about 15 years to confess to my dad. Dad is now filing for divorce.” randomalina / Reddit



“My grandpa fathered two children out of affairs. The youngest one is my age. My grandma still doesn’t know about the youngest.” flamandy / Reddit


“Got a birthday card on my 17th birthday from Christine. Asked my (adoptive) mum who Christine is. ‘Oh, that’s your sister.’ Only living biological relative. Didn’t know she existed.” washrag*** / Reddit



“My mum and dad think they got all of my grandads’ money when he passed away; they only got half, I got the other.” heerenbTV / Reddit



“I was told about my uncle having cancer two weeks before he passed away; I would call him a couple of times a week; he lived in Florida, and I live in Ohio. He was like a father figure to me; he was gone just like that. The last time I saw him, he was going through Chemo, and none of my family knew this. He just kept it to himself.” PluggerOf****** / Reddit



“For 30 years, I didn’t know one of my cousins was adopted. No one had ever told me. So my comments about family resemblance and similarities now make me cringe awkwardly.” Semajal / Reddit



“My dad is my mom’s second husband. The first marriage was not necessarily hidden; it had just become forgotten and never spoken about in front of my siblings or me. When I figured it out and asked my mother, she explained that she married relatively young, following the Asian tradition of arranged marriages. Her in-laws were strict and demanding, which left her unhappy and wanting more in life than becoming a housewife.

She divorced and started studying abroad, where she then met my dad. They’ve now been happily married for almost 21 years.” Zreativity / Reddit

If you want to learn exciting family mysteries, this article is perfect. It talks about 13 people who shared their family’s biggest secrets, making us think about our own secrets, too.

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