15 People Who Skipped Design School, and Made Us Facepalm

2 years ago

There’s a fine line between happiness and annoyance and it’s called design. From an off-centered door at a house’s entrance to confusing instructions on how to properly lift a heavy box, the world is full of things that leave us wondering what happened in their creative process.

Bright Side searched far and wide on the internet to gather some fails we can’t wrap our heads around.

1. The door on this house is off-center.

2. “This toilet is completely visible from the street in the middle of the city.”

3. “The shower in my dorm freshman year, I’m only 5’7.”

4. Something doesn’t quite fit.

5. “The columns don’t touch the ground.”

6. “The woman is turning into a fish roll.”

7. “I think my stairs fit here.”

8. “I saw this on a box. I don’t know how to lift it like the picture says.”

9. “My son is too terrified to learn anything from these speech therapy worksheets, and frankly I don’t blame him.”

10. “My high school commissioned a bulldog statue. This is the result.”

11. “I accidentally pressed the stop button on the bus several times because it’s the same height as my leg.”

12. “Dead end sign at the end of the path...”

13. “The stairs in my school lead to nothing.”

14. “This couch is in our hotel room. And no, it does not separate.”

15. “Went to the park to shoot some hoops today.”

Which of the things above would infuriate you the most? Have you ever come across any design fails yourself? Your stories and pics have a special place in our hearts and comment section, so come along.

Preview photo credit JMollyBrown / Reddit


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