20+ People Showed Off the Amazing Items They Inherited

2 years ago

Sometimes we inherit some unique things that belonged to our parents, or even our grandparents. Some of them have even turned out to be quite trendy today. Others are probably as valuable as museum exhibits.

Internet users showed the cool things and accessories they got from their relatives and we at Bright Side wanted to show them to you.

“My daughter is wearing her great-great-grandmother’s wedding dress. She’s seriously thinking about wearing it for her own wedding.”

“My grandma gave me this Edwardian blouse she has had for years and I almost cried. It belonged to my great-great-grandmother.”

“And the back has tiny mother of pearl buttons.”

“Wearing one of my grandma’s vintage blouses!”

“Me in my father’s old Circassian dance costume”

“Raided my mother’s closet. She wore this in the ’70s.”

“Check out these Levi’s that belonged to my mother in the 1970s!! I totally overwear these pants.”

“My great-great-grandmother’s wedding blouse from 1902”

“I just received the most amazing Christmas present — an original dress made in the late 1800s. It’s been in my family for 5 generations.”

“Wearing my mom’s shirt from 1975”

“My grandmother’s dress from the early ’50s (I think). She was 4’8” and teeny. I can’t wear it but I can love it!"

“Here’s one of my great-grandmother’s evening dresses from when she was a teenager.”

“My grandma’s dress from the 1960s. I was conflicted about the lace at first, but once I tried the dress on the overlay won me over.”

“My mom’s shirt from the ’80s”

“Color version of me wearing my great-grandma’s roller skating outfit”

“Found in the back of my mom’s closet. She only wore this once when she was 23. Now I need to find the perfect boots to match!”

“I inherited my grandfather’s hat.”

" My grandma’s clothes were so fabulous! She was so stylish and now I wear them with gratitude."

“This terrifying handbag was used by my grandmother, but now lives on a shelf in my house where it can eat souls.”

“My great-great-grandmother’s 1896 wedding dress. Handmade by her. Also, it barely fit on my dress form and I wasn’t about to stretch it. The waist measures around 18 inches!”

“My grandma’s jacket. She was more trendy than I am.”

“My great-grandma’s best dress. I wish I could ask her more about it. I would not be surprised if it were handmade.”

What garments did you inherit from your relatives? Show them to us in the comment section below!

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